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A Love of Paddle Boarding Knows No Age Limit

A Love of Paddle Boarding Knows No Age Limit

Discover the benefits of the SUP lifestyle for senior explorers 

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I just don’t think I could stand up on a paddle board,” or, “I’m too old for that,” think again! iROCKER paddlers range in age from young kids to senior explorers, all finding joy in living their best lives on the water. And for those more senior adventurers, paddle boarding is about more than just having fun on the water—it can actually help to improve balance and provide a low impact workout perfect for those with joint pain. If you’re looking for a new way to remain active, preserve muscle strength, and maintain your flexibility, get ready to SUP! 



Like with any water sport, safety should be your first priority when paddle boarding. This means having the right gear—including a personal flotation device and the proper attire—as well as checking the forecast, using your SUP leash, and employing the buddy system. If you’re planning to paddle solo, let a friend or family member know exactly where you’ll be heading and when you plan to be back. Better yet, opt to take your phone with you in a waterproof case. At the very least, you’ll be happy to have it to take pictures of your latest hobby! 


Elderly woman sitting on a paddle board


Again, as with any exercise routine, it’s important to know your skill set and your limits. Don’t set out to paddle further than you’re capable of, or in conditions you’re not yet comfortable in. Staying close to shore can help you feel comfortable and confident as you navigate paddling a SUP for the first few times. Plus, you can keep track of how far you’ve gone, and even have a friend keep a watchful eye from the shoreline should you need any assistance.  



Paddle boarding should be fun, not stressful! And no one becomes a pro overnight. It’s more than okay to start slow. Not sure whether you’re ready to stand up just yet? Opt for transforming your board into a kayak with the SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit. This versatile accessory allows you to start seated as you gain confidence and build strength on the board. Once you feel ready, you can try standing up—again, always going at your own pace and taking in the scenery rather than racing to keep up with others.  


Elderly woman sitting on a paddle board


In our opinion, the biggest benefit to paddle boarding is the fun you’ll have on the water, whether paddling solo or with family and friends. In fact, you may be having so much fun you don’t even notice the other, more hidden perks to paddling. As you’ve probably heard your doctor say, staying active past the age of 55 is crucial, helping to support your physical and mental health as well as your independence as you age. Without regular physical activity, seniors increase their risk of life-threatening issues including diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and stroke, not to mention an increase rate of injuries.  

Providing a full body workout, stand up paddling engages your core, helping to improve muscle strength as well as overall balance. And even just recreational paddling requires the use of your cardiovascular system, helping to improve your endurance not only on your board but also in daily activities like walking. And when it comes to mental health, paddle boarding can even help improve your mood. Just getting outside and in the sun can turn your entire day around, and paddle boarding is the perfect way to alleviate long-term depression and take a break from life’s daily stressors.  


So, what are you waiting for? You’re never too old to pick up a new skill! 

Find the perfect SUP for you.  

A love of paddle boarding has no age limit. Whether you’re looking to get mom or dad more active or give them a new activity they can do together, check out our collection for The Senior Explorer!