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From lake to river and ocean to creek, these are the stories straight from your community—the stories worth sharing. We’ve traveled the globe to find the most adventurous paddlers to share their tales.

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Winter Paddling Tips, Learned the Hard Way!

As stand-up paddle boarding soars in popularity as a summertime sport, more paddlers are beginning to venture out in the winter as well. And for good reason. Summer in Canada is beautiful, but it is also short. If you do...

Are Paddle Boards Safe? Debunk the Myths

Paddle boarding has become a wildly popular water sport that allows you to explore lakes, rivers, and oceans while getting in a full-body workout. But the burning question for newcomers and skeptics alike is, "are paddle boards safe?" Let's dive...

Paddle Board Safety: Checklist and Practical Tips

Paddle boarding is a fantastic way to connect with nature, get a full-body workout, and relax your mind. However, like any water sport, it's crucial to prioritize paddle board safety. This article provides a comprehensive checklist and practical tips to...

Can I Leave My Paddle Board Inflated? Expert Answer

If you're a paddle board enthusiast, you might have wondered, "Can I leave my paddle board inflated?" The answer to this question can impact both the longevity of your equipment and your convenience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll address this...

Paddle Board Repair: A Comprehensive Guide

Maintaining the life of your beloved paddle board is part and parcel of the paddle boarding experience, but every small issue shouldn't keep you out of the water. Welcome to your comprehensive guide on paddle board repair, a must-read for...

Q & A with Adventure Duo Marc-André Vachon & Stephanie Bureau

Born and raised in Quebec, Marc-André Vachon and Stephanie Bureau could have easily been content to remain within their home country’s borders, exploring its glacial lakes and unparalleled scenery. And they definitely have.   But with a shared love for adventure,...

Scoring the Best Paddle Board Deals in 2023

Looking to make a splash in 2023 without drowning in expenses? You're in the right place to grab the best paddle board deals of the year! Our guide spotlights top brands that deliver both quality and affordability. Perfect for seasoned...

Paddle Boarding Checklist: 9 Essential Items You'll Needs

Unleash the thrill of water sports, from board to sunscreen. iROCKER's essential paddle boarding checklist ensures you're set for every wave and wander. Dive in!

20+ Amazing Stand-Up Paddle Board Activities You Must Try

When you think of stand up paddle board activities, don't limit yourself to merely cruising on calm waters. The world of paddle boarding offers a myriad of activities to suit every adventurer's preference. From invigorating workouts to delightful stand up...
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