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Stories Worth Sharing

From lake to river and ocean to creek, these are the stories straight from your community—the stories worth sharing. We’ve traveled the globe to find the most adventurous paddlers to share their tales.


Disconnecting with SUP Record Holder Tori Kubick

Learn more about how this contortionist is taking her artform to the water.  You might be wondering just what contortionism, a body bending—and mind bending—artform, has to do with stand up paddle boarding. Enter Tori Kubick, a 29-year-old New Jersey...

Cruising With Carl

Following along with the Canadian Aussie and his adventure partners Shaye and Cody.  You might be surprised to hear that SUP pup Carl of Instagram fame hated paddle boarding at first. “The first year he just didn’t want to get...

Best Family Paddle Board Options for Water Adventure

Unleashing the adventurer within you requires the perfect tools, and in the realm of paddle boarding, the choice of board can make or break your expedition. Let's dive into our top family paddle board selection, chosen to augment your outdoor...

Discover Lake Bliss With The Best Paddle Boards for Lakes

The joy of gliding over a calm lake on a warm, sunny day is unparalleled. Are you ready to channel your inner adventurer and breathe in the thrill? Here are things to look for in the best paddle boards for...

Surf Board vs Paddle Board: Which One is Right for You?

The constant debate, especially among beginners, is choosing between a surfboard and a paddle board. The question of a 'surf board vs paddle board' decision looms large. Both are thrilling in their own right. Let’s find out how to make...

Paddle Boarding Portland: SUP Hot Spots in the City of Roses

Delve into paddle boarding Portland, where tranquil waters meet urban charm. This guide unveils top SUP spots in Portland, Oregon, perfect for all skill levels. Embark on an unforgettable paddle boarding adventure in the City of Roses. Portland, Here We...

Paddle Boarding Miami: Get Ready for Unforgettable Times!

Welcome, fellow adventurers and paddle boarding enthusiasts! Pack your paddle boards and sunblock as we journey to Miami, the sun-soaked paradise that's a dream come true for anyone with a passion for the great outdoors. This paddle boarding Miami experience...

Paddle Boarding Seattle: Explore the Emerald City on Water

Primed for an exhilarating dive into adventure? Grab your paddle and get set to navigate the sparkling jewels of the Emerald City from its shimmering waterways. Paddle boarding in Seattle presents an unmatched blend of serene nature and the city's...

A Paddle Boarding Dallas Adventure: Your Ultimate Guide

Welcome, outdoor enthusiasts and SUP adventurers! Your quest for the ultimate paddle boarding journey has brought you to Dallas. Beyond its vibrant culture and iconic charm, Dallas shines as a haven for paddle boarding! So, gear up with your iROCKER...
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