New Look, New Adventures!

New Look, New Adventures!

Hey there explorers!  

Did you notice anything new about us lately? We’ll give you a hint—it’s kind of on everything we make… 

Yep, you got it. We’ve debuted a new logo! This change represents iROCKER’s ongoing journey and dedication to bringing happiness to those who cherish life on the water. 

Read on to see how far we’ve come! 


Our Original Logo – Logo #1 

Our original logo showcased the "iROCKER" name with a stylized paddle board underneath, highlighting our primary focus on paddle boarding. This design underscored our connection to water sports and our commitment to delivering high-quality gear for enthusiasts. 

  Steve Elder, CEO and Co-Founder of iROCKER, Wins the Entrepreneur of the  Year Florida Award from Ernst & Young | Business Wire

Transition Logo - Logo #2 

As our brand expanded and our product offerings grew, we updated our logo to feature a more structured and contemporary design. The second version introduced a blue and black "iR" within a circle, signifying our brand's evolution and the diversification of our product line. This design maintained a robust, architectural feel, reflecting our dedication to quality, reliability, and durability, along with strong construction principles. The color contrast and geometric elements added a modern touch, symbolizing our progressive approach. 

Current Logo - Logo #3 

For our latest logo, we've adopted a softer and more fluid design with smoother lines and a more flowing aesthetic. This new logo mirrors the lifestyle our customers embrace—relaxed, enjoyable, and intimately connected to nature. By streamlining the design and incorporating more calming lines, we aim to connect more profoundly with our audience, symbolizing the joy and ease of life on the water. 

We have also introduced an iROCKER badge that fosters a sense of identity and belonging to a larger community of like-minded individuals. The badge incorporates colors used throughout our collections and instills pride in being an adventurer, explorer, and someone committed to spending quality time with family and friends. 

We believe this evolution perfectly aligns with our mission to enhance your experiences on the water. Our brand is all about fun and joy, and our new logo beautifully captures this spirit. 


As our customers' needs and preferences evolve, so do the trends and standards in our industry. To better meet these changing demands, our products have continually evolved. With these changes in the look and feel of our products, it was essential to update our logo, the leading branding element guiding our direction forward. 

With the addition of new products such as kayaks, docks, iLANDs, and more exciting items on the horizon, we believe that iROCKER is more than just a paddle board brand. We cater to all types of water enthusiasts, whether active or passive. We are united by our love for the water, the thrill of a splash, and the shared memories we create while enjoying the water. 

Thank you for being part of our journey. We look forward to continuing to serve you with products that enrich your water-loving lifestyle. 


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