Paddle Board Lake Tahoe Guide: 17 Best Spots

Paddle Board Lake Tahoe Guide: 17 Best Spots

If you're looking for a breathtaking and exhilarating outdoor adventure, paddle boarding in Lake Tahoe should definitely be on your list. With its crystal-clear waterways and stunning mountain views, Lake Tahoe is an ideal location for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Let’s dive in!

Paddle Board Lake Tahoe at a Glance

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, and the second-deepest lake in the United States after Oregon's Crater Lake. The lake was formed over two million years ago as part of the Lake Tahoe Basin, and its current shape was sculpted during the ice ages.

In both Nevada and California, Lake Tahoe is a popular tourist destination. Winter sports, summer outdoor activities, and beautiful landscapes are all available here. Considering how clear the water is and how famously blue the lake is, paddle boarding is one of the top Lake Tahoe water activities. Awaiting you is a lake that is overflowing with clean, chilly, sparkling water.

While you can paddle board in Lake Tahoe year-round, the best time to do so is during the summer months when the water is not as icy cold. Early morning, late afternoon, or just before sunset are the ideal times to set out for a paddle.

17 Best Locations for Paddle Boarding in Lake Tahoe

As we embark on a journey around the lake, we'll discover the 17 best locations for paddle boarding in Lake Tahoe.

1. Bliss Beach

The southwestern side of Lake Tahoe has several beaches, one of which is Bliss Beach, and the name says it all. Warm sand is available for a picnic or lounging, and the crystal-clear water is ideal for swimming and scuba diving.

The beach is also an excellent location for paddle boarding, offering both beginner-friendly calm water and more difficult places for experienced paddlers to challenge themselves.

1. Bliss Beach

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Keep in mind that the parking at the beach frequently fills up by 11:00 am during peak season, so be sure to arrive early to avoid having to walk from the highway to the beach!

2. Cave Rock

Cave Rock, which lies on Lake Tahoe's southeast shore, is a wonderful site to paddle board and take in the breathtaking views. There are many peaceful areas to paddle around and an amazing rock formation to explore.

In addition to paddle boarding, you can go boating, swimming, hiking, snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, or fishing in this location. Three picnic areas and a tiny beach are located near a parking lot with a boat ramp.

3. Baldwin Beach

Baldwin Beach is one of the most popular paddle boarding locations in Lake Tahoe. Its quiet waters and stunning scenery make it a must-visit for any paddle boarder. With its mile-long beachfront that's as perfect for sunbathing as it is for a refreshing swim, it's a sanctuary for those looking to immerse themselves in nature.

Baldwin Beach

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The Sierra Nevada Mountains stand tall in the background, framing every view with their rugged peaks. Kayakers, in particular, can find a haven here, with the beach serving as a gateway to the tranquil waters of Emerald Bay. Swimming and picnicking are also popular activities at Baldwin Beach.

4. Kiva Beach

Kiva Beach, located on Lake Tahoe's southern shore, is a fantastic spot for SUP paddlers that enjoy nature. Here shallow waters extend far into the lake, making this location perfect for beginner paddlers who don't want to take a tumble into deeper water while learning.

Neighboring beaches like Pope Beach and Baldwin Beach can be reached from here by SUP for those with more experience. Kiva Beach is highly recommended if you're seeking a great beach to SUP while getting to see Mount Tallac.

5. Lakeview Commons

Situated in the heart of South Lake Tahoe, Lakeview Commons is a beach offering stunning views of the lake. This location is excellent for new paddlers looking to learn how to maintain stability because of its simple access point and shallow water.

If you're looking for a paddle boarding beach with all the facilities you would need for a fun day with your family—food concessions, public boat launch, BBQs, picnic tables, and restrooms—Lakeview Commons is a terrific option.

6. Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is a paradise for paddle board enthusiasts and is located on Lake Tahoe's picturesque north shore. Here, the clear, turquoise waters meet rocky shores, creating a stunning setting for a day on the water. As you paddle board across Crystal Bay, you'll have the chance to peek beneath the surface at underwater boulders and schools of fish in the remarkably clear water.

6. Crystal Bay

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You might even catch a glimpse of the historic Cal Neva Resort, adding a touch of intrigue to your adventure. While Crystal Bay is a fantastic spot to paddle board Lake Tahoe, it is also well-loved for other water sports like kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The view from your board is nothing short of spectacular, with towering granite cliffs, dense pine forests, and distant snow-capped mountains surrounding you.

7. Sand Harbor State Park

Sand Harbor State Park is a jewel on Lake Tahoe's northeastern shore for its pristine sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and gently sloping coves. As you glide across the water, you'll be treated to stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including unique sandstone formations, lush wildflowers, and diverse wildlife.

The calm waters of Sand Harbor are perfect for both beginners and experienced paddle boarders who seek peaceful escape into nature's embrace. Every summer, the park adds a cultural twist to its natural beauty the park by hosting the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival at its outdoor amphitheater.

8. Secret Cove

Secret Cove is a secluded gem that offers a tranquil paddle boarding experience. Known for its clothing-optional beach, Secret Cove attracts those seeking a more intimate connection with nature. The clear, calm waters here are ideal for paddle boarding, allowing you to explore the cove's rocky shoreline and discover hidden underwater rock formations at your own pace.

Secret Cove

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As you paddle through the water, keep an eye out for the local wildlife, including the colorful rainbow trout that inhabit the area. Secret Cove's unique landscapes, such as hidden caves and cascading waterfalls, make it an unforgettable destination for paddle boarders looking for both adventure and tranquility. Paddle boarding in Secret Cove is an experience that connects you deeply with the natural wonders in the journey of paddle boarding Lake Tahoe.

9. D.L. Bliss State Park

D.L. Bliss State Park offers an unparalleled paddle boarding experience amidst its scenic beauty and historic charm. Its extensive sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters provide a serene backdrop for paddle boarders of all levels. Glide along the shoreline and you'll find yourself surrounded by breathtaking vistas with towering pine trees and rugged granite cliffs.

Paddle boarding from the park's beaches to landmarks like Rubicon Point reveal the deepest parts of Lake Tahoe, with depths reaching up to 1,645 feet. The park's proximity to other iconic spots, such as Emerald Bay, enhances its appeal for paddle board enthusiasts seeking to explore Lake Tahoe's rich landscapes. Some of the special landscapes of D.L. Bliss State Park are Balancing Rock, which is a large granite boulder that balances on a small base, and the Lighthouse Trail, which leads to the highest lighthouse in the US.

10. Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay, one of Lake Tahoe's crown jewels, is a paddle boarder's paradise. This iconic bay, with its crystal-clear waters and the picturesque Fannette Island at its center, provides a stunning setting for paddle boarding adventures. As you paddle around the bay and the island, you'll be surrounded by the majestic mountains and lush forests that frame this natural wonder.

10. Emerald Bay

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Paddle boarding in Emerald Bay allows you to enjoy the tranquility of the water while taking in views of the historic Vikingsholm Castle, which is nestled along the shoreline. The bay's special landscapes, from the cascading Eagle Falls to the secluded Eagle Lake, can be reached via hiking trails, adding to the allure of paddle boarding in this magical location. Emerald Bay's beauty and serene waters make it an ideal spot for paddle boarders looking to immerse themselves in the essence of Lake Tahoe’s natural splendor.

11. Meeks Bay

Meeks Bay, with its serene atmosphere and family-friendly vibes, is a cherished location for paddle board enthusiasts on Lake Tahoe's west shore. The bay's gentle, crystal-clear waters, set against a backdrop of lush meadows and towering peaks, offer a tranquil setting for paddle boarders of all ages.

Whether you're gliding along the shore or venturing into the deeper waters, you'll be amazed by stunning views and the chance to spot local wildlife. The area around Meeks Bay is rich in natural beauty, from the babbling Meeks Creek to the vibrant wildflowers of Meeks Meadow. For those who love to mix a bit of exploration with their water activities when paddle boarding Lake Tahoe, the scenic Meeks Bay Trail leads adventurers into the heart of the Desolation Wilderness, promising even more breathtaking sights.

12. Kings Beach

Kings Beach stands out as a lively hub for paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe's north shore. Its wide sandy beach and clear, shallow waters make it the perfect spot for both beginners and seasoned paddle boarders looking to soak up the sun and enjoy the lake's natural beauty.


As you paddle out, the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the vibrant beach scene create a lively backdrop for your adventure. Kings Beach is also a community bustling with activities, from parasailing and jet skiing to exploring local shops and dining at waterfront restaurants.

13. Tahoe City

Tahoe City offers a charming blend of history and natural beauty nestled on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. The city offers a unique paddle boarding experience with its public beach that leads to the Truckee River—the lake's only outlet. As you paddle along the waterfront, you'll be treated to views of quaint wooden sculptures and historic buildings that tell the story of Tahoe City.

Tahoe City

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The calm waters near the shore provide an inviting atmosphere for paddlers of all skill levels, while the proximity to the Truckee River offers a gentle current that adds a bit of adventure to your journey. Tahoe City is a community rich in culture and history, with attractions like the Commons Beach, where events and concerts fill the air with music, and the Gatekeeper's Museum, which offers a glimpse into the lake's past. Tahoe City allows you to explore Lake Tahoe’s serene beauty while enjoying the vibrant life of this lakeside town.

14. Carnelian Bay

Carnelian Bay on Lake Tahoe's north shore offers a cozy and quaint charm that appeals to paddle boarders looking for a peaceful escape on the water. With its clear, calm waters and small, pebbly beach, Carnelian Bay is a hidden gem for those wanting to paddle away from the crowds. As you reach the bay, the surrounding landscapes of dense, shady woods and nearby coves and islands offer a serene backdrop for your adventure. Carnelian Bay is also an ideal spot for fishing, which attracts anglers hoping to catch lake trout and kokanee salmon.

The area's rustic appeal is complemented by local attractions like the whimsical Magic Carpet Golf and the Sierra Boat Company, which showcases classic wooden boats. Paddling in Carnelian Bay is a journey into the quieter side of paddle boarding Lake Tahoe, where the beauty of the landscape and the gentle waters create a perfect setting for a day spent gliding across the bay.

15. Zephyr Cove

Zephyr Cove, located on Lake Tahoe's south shore, offers a vibrant and lively setting for paddle boarders seeking both adventure and relaxation. This bustling location is renowned for its expansive sandy beach and crystal-clear waters, making it an ideal spot for paddle boarding enthusiasts of all levels.

Lay All Your Love On Me

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As you paddle out into the cove, you'll find yourself amidst a lively scene of water sports, from kayaking to jet skiing, set against the backdrop of towering pine trees and the lake's majestic mountains. Zephyr Cove is also a hub of entertainment, hosting beach volleyball, horseback riding, and even snowmobiling in the winter. The area is also known for its lively summer parties and events, drawing visitors from all around to experience the festive atmosphere. Paddle boarding in Zephyr Cove offers the perfect mix of thrilling water sports and the chance to unwind on the beach, making every visit memorable.

16. Homewood

Homewood, situated on the scenic west shore of Lake Tahoe, presents a tranquil and rustic setting for paddle boarding. The charms of this location are characterized by its small sandy beach, serene waters, and breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Paddle boarding in Homewood is a peaceful experience, where the calm waters provide a gentle journey along the shoreline, allowing paddlers to soak in the natural beauty and quiet atmosphere.

Beyond the beach, Homewood is known for its ski resort, offering year-round activities for outdoor enthusiasts. The area's trails invite hikers and bikers during the warmer months, with paths winding through forests and leading to scenic overlooks. Paddling in Homewood connects you with the serene side of Lake Tahoe, away from the crowds, where the beauty of the landscape and the tranquil waters create a perfect escape into nature.

17. Pope Beach

Pope Beach, with its expanse of soft sandy shores and clear, shallow waters, offers a serene and picturesque setting for paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe's south shore. Its lush pine trees dotted with colorful wildflowers create a tranquil environment for paddlers to explore. As you glide along the water, the panoramic views of the lake against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains are simply breathtaking.

Pope Beach

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Pope Beach is a favorite for paddle boarders; its calm waters and scenic beauty turn it into a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and birdwatching for anyone looking to unwind by the water. The beach also features picnic areas and a bike path to enhance the leisure experience for visitors. Paddle boarding at Pope Beach allows you to enjoy the pristine beauty of Lake Tahoe in a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere where you can have a gentle introduction to the sport or a peaceful day on the water.

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Lake Tahoe is absolute paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts and stand up paddlers of all skill levels. The unbelievably clear water combined with breathtaking scenery puts this spot high up on SUP bucket lists. Now that you know the best places to paddle board in Lake Tahoe, get ready for an unforgettable adventure with iROCKER’s best standup paddle board!

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