Beach Gifts for Dad: 22 Simple and Creative Ideas

Beach Gifts for Dad: 22 Simple and Creative Ideas

Are you excited about the upcoming Father's Day but don't know what to prepare? Don't worry. We've come up with a list of beach gifts for dad. If your father loves the water and sand, you'll find many thoughtful options here. Scroll down for more!

1. Paddle Board

A SUP is a perfect beach gift for dad who loves paddle boarding. iROCKER offers a wide range of paddle boards to suit all levels and needs.

The product features sophisticated drop-stitch technology and double and triple-layer construction. Thus, you can feel free to conquer the choppy waters with this companion. Its excellent stability allows it to transform waves and ripples into exciting dances. Users can maintain their composure and have a smooth paddling experience even in rough conditions.

Paddle Board
  • Benefits for dad: iROCKER's inflatable paddle boards are lightweight, sturdy, and portable, making it easy for your father to carry to any of his adventures. Users can have unfettered enjoyment with the product. Plus, it creates a stylish look and makes paddle boarders stand out.
  • Average prices: iROCKER's paddle board price starts from $399.

2. Personal Floatation Device

A PFD is one of the ideal gifts for dads who love the beach. With proper buoyancy, fathers can explore the water.

Personal Floatation Devices are designed with bright colors and adjustable straps, ensuring visibility and comfort for users. Some models even feature additional functions, such as pockets, lights, or whistles for better safety.

Personal Floatable Device
  • Benefits for dad: According to the USCG regulations, adults must have a life jacket on the board while paddle boarding. Thus, this beach gift for dad is a brilliant idea. It helps your father comply with the rules and provides him with necessary assistance during an emergency.
  • Average prices: The prices range from $50 to over $100. You can take a look at options and their prices in iRocker's paddle board life jacket collection.

3. Detachable Fins

Detachable fins are a good choice if you're looking for affordable Father's Day gifts for beach lovers. Detachable fins can be different colors, but most are black and white. A fin usually weighs around 0.18-0.2kg.

Detachable Fins
  • Benefits for dad: Detachable fins provide ease and versatility, enabling users to modify the performance of their board according to certain circumstances. They enhance tracking, speed, agility, and stability. Fins come in numerous varieties with varied effects, so users can try several configurations to find the best one.
  • Average prices: The average price is around $20. iROCKER offers paddle board fins for under $35 to optimize aquatic experience.

4. SUP Leash

If your father loves paddle boarding, a SUP leash will be great for him. This crucial accessory comes in various styles, including coiled and straight. The former is perfect for flat water paddling since it reduces drag, while the latter is typically used in surfing and gives paddlers more space to avoid the board after a fall. SUP leashes also feature three different attachment methods: ankle, calf, and waist.

SUP Leash
  • Benefits for dad: A SUP leash is one of the ideal Father's Day gifts for the beach since it offers the necessary safety and convenience that all paddlers need. It is an essential safety accessory that keeps the board firmly attached and stops it from floating in the case of a fall. It also helps to prevent collisions with other water enthusiasts and facilitates simple board retrieval.
  • Average prices: The price range is between $20 and $40. For the best price, check out iROCKER's SUP leashes.

5. Waterproof Phone Case

A waterproof phone case is one useful beach gift for Dad, helping him preserve unforgettable moments on his water excursions. The phone cases are made from waterproof materials, are well-sealed, and are suitable for various phone types. To maximize usability, some are enhanced with touchscreen compatibility, floating straps, and card slots.

Waterproof Phone Case
  • Benefits for Dad: Your dad can leisurely enjoy his water trip without worrying his phone may get wet. Even if he coincidentally drops it into the water, he can still safely retrieve it. The case can also protect the phone from scratches.
  • Average prices: Each case only costs almost $20. Here is a waterproof phone case offer from iROCKER.

6. UV Protective Clothing

Sunshine is an enjoyable part of paddle boarding. However, UV radiation can harm our skin and health. Giving UV protective clothing to your father will be a lovely idea to show your love.

This UV protection shirt is made from quick-drying material, boasts a UPF rating of 50+, and offers a comfortable fit. Other clothing items include rash guards, gloves, leggings, hats, and sunglasses. These items are usually lightweight, comfortable, and stylish.

UV Protective Clothing
  • Benefits for dad: Users are highly protected from harmful UV rays, avoiding sunburn and the risk of skin aging and cancer. Plus, your father will look more stylish with these items.
  • Average prices: The prices range from $30 to $70+ depending on the product. Here is our list of UPF shirts for your reference.

7. GoPro Waterproof Action Camera

One of the best beach gifts for dad is the GoPro waterproof action camera.

The device can be mounted on helmets, chest straps, or selfie sticks and offers a variety of angles and perspectives. They can survive a depth of 10 meters in water without needing separate housing.

  • Benefits for dad: The camera is an amazing device for recording his water adventure.
  • Average prices: From $300 to over $500

8. Waterproof Backpack

A waterproof backpack provides seamless organization and simplifies your father's travel experience.

The backpack is water-resistant and features multiple compartments and comfortable straps.

Waterproof Backpack
  • Benefits for dad: This beach gift for dad can help him keep his belongings dry and secure during his water trip.
  • Average prices: The price is around $100, depending on size and brand. iROCKER offers waterproof backpacks for $50.

9. Waterproof Speaker

The next candidate on our list of Father's Day gifts for beach lovers is waterproof speaker. They're perfect for on-water entertainment. These waterproof speaker designs can boost Bluetooth connectivity and robust sound output.

Waterproof Speaker
  • Benefits for dad: The device turns the trip into a party with entertaining sound, creating an interesting experience.
  • Average prices: The price varies depending on the model and brand. iROCKER's waterproof speakers are from $50 to $150.

10. Water Bottle

If you're looking for beach gifts for dad, consider a water bottle. It's simple but useful for keeping your father well-hydrated.

A good water bottle is usually insulated and leak-proof. Additional features include straws, handles, and carabiners.

Water Bottle
  • Benefits for dad: Water activities require lots of energy, and sports enthusiasts must carry water to avoid dehydration. Water bottles will provide convenience for users during physical activities.
  • Average prices: The prices range from $19 to $39. iROCKER's superb drinkware is priced between $20 and $60.

11. Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses can upgrade your father's style and protect his eyes from direct sunlight. It's one of the best beach gifts for dad.

Sunglasses usually have fashionable designs. Some are made with lightweight rubber textures and flexible arms to offer users comfort.

  • Benefits for Dad: A pair of sunglasses will make your dad look cool. Plus, they can provide a clear vision of the beach in sunlight.
  • Average prices: The price is various. It can be found for around $25, but it can also be $200.

12. Personalized Beach Towel

A lovely personalized beach towel will be useful for your dad during his trip to the beach.

Beach towels are made from soft, comfortable, and easy-to-dry material (usually microfiber). The permanent inks used to decorate the towels are non-toxic and safe for users.

  • Benefits for dad: Fathers can spread the towels and enjoy sunbathing. Plus, your little customized design on it (maybe your dad's name) can make him laugh and happy.
  • Average prices: From $20

13. Personalized Bathroom Sandals

Another item that you can customize for your dad is a pair of personalized bathroom sandals.

The sandals are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), offering a lightweight feel, durability, and comfort. The thick and soft sole creates a pleasant experience. Plus, they are water-friendly and can reduce the risk of slipperiness.

  • Benefits for dad: It's one of the best beach house gifts for dad since it's versatile and buoyant. Your father can use it indoors and outdoors (such as at the beach, swimming pool, or surfing).
  • Average prices: From $13

14. Windbreaker & Jacket

Windbreakers and jackets keep users dry and protected against natural elements, making them ideal Father's Day gifts for beach lovers.

Windbreakers and jackets often have hoods, zippers, and pockets. These garments are lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant, bringing warmth, comfort, and convenience to wearers.

  • Benefits for Dad: With protection from windbreakers and jackets, your father will be able to conquer the waves during chilly or windy weather conditions.
  • Average prices: The price ranges from $90 to over $200, depending on material, quality, and features. You can find the products at iROCKER at a price of $67.50.

15. Water Boots

Water boots are a worth-considering beach gift for dad.

Water boots are made of lightweight, breathable, and flexible materials. They often come with toe guards, rubber soles, or heel loops.

  • Benefits for dad: Slippery surfaces are common in water sports. These boots will provide the necessary traction and protection for dads to enjoy their favorite water activities.
  • Average prices: The average price is from $150 to over $200. Explore the water boots from iROCKER to find the most suitable ones for your father.

16. Beach Hat

Consider a beach hat if you still don't know what Father's Day gifts beach lovers should give.

The beach hat is made from lightweight and breathable material, suitable for use under the summer sun. Its size is also adjustable.

  • Benefits for dad: Your father can get rid of his baseball cap and look more stylish on the beach with a beach hat. The wide brim can shield him from the scorching sun and help him avoid awkward tan lines on his face.
  • Average prices: From $20

17. Beach Wallet

A beach wallet is necessary to keep your father's keys, cards, money, and other small belongings safe and dry.

The wallet is made from durable, water-resistant nylon. It has zipper compartments to ensure nothing falls off.

  • Benefits for dad: It's easier for your dad to organize small things in one wallet and keep them safe and secure.
  • Average prices: Around $10

18. Beach Inspired Coffee Mug

A beach-inspired coffee mug deserves a spot on the list of beach house gifts for Dad.

The product is usually made from ceramic and has a handle for easy carrying. It can withstand hot water and is microwave-safe.

  • Benefits for dad: If your dad loves the beach, this gift will remind him of the beautiful water and sand and the moments he spent on the coastal lines.
  • Average prices: From $15

19. Personalized Pictures

It's a common but unique gift for your beloved father.

The options for personalized pictures are versatile. You can choose a photo of you and your dad on the beach to print on a wooden circle stand, glass block, mug, keychain, stainless steel water bottle, etc.

  • Benefits for dad: A picture of you two on these small items will make your dad happy and smile.
  • Average prices: The price varies, depending on the material you'll print on.

20. Personalized Pocket Knife

Your father may bring a pocket knife for his outdoor activities. Why don't you make it one of the special and unique beach gifts for dad?

The knife is made from stainless material, and the two sides of the handle are natural wood. You can select a small icon on one side and customize the engraved text on the other.

  • Benefits for dad: The knife is useful for your father's trip to fish or camp. It also will make him happy with a little personalized design.
  • Average prices: From $20

21. Coolers

A cooler for cold beverages on scorching summer days is one of the best beach gifts for dad.

Coolers are compact, have an insulated interior, and are waterproof. They usually have convenient features such as bottle openers, cup holders, and fishing rod holders.

  • Benefits for dad: Coolers help your father maintain the freshness of beverages and snacks, enhancing convenience and enjoyment of his trip.
  • Average prices: The price range is from $99 to $399. Check out the paddle board coolers from iROCKER.

22. Men's Engraving Bracelet

A men's engraving bracelet will be a special gift for your dad. You can deliver a love message to remind him of your love.

The bracelet combines stainless steel and leather, making it an iconic and sleek accessory for men. There's a sliding closure to ensure easy wearing.

  • Benefits for Dad: Your dad will look cool with a bracelet. Plus, he'll feel proud to show this gift from his child to the people around him.
  • Average prices: From $30

Celebrate Your Father's Day with iROCKER.

These ideas of beach gifts for dad will enhance your dad's beach outing by providing relaxation, fun, and convenience, making his days more memorable.

If your father is a fan of paddle boarding, iROCKER paddle boards are the most suitable gift for him. We offer a wide range of inflatable paddle boards to meet various requirements and skill levels. Visit our website right now to shop for paddle boards and other gifts for your dad!

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