Where to Stand Up Paddle Board Newcastle, NSW: 8 Best Spots

Where to Stand Up Paddle Board Newcastle, NSW: 8 Best Spots

Newcastle, New South Wales, is not just the second most populous city in the state; it's also a haven for water sports enthusiasts. With a range of picturesque spots, you can indulge in stand up paddle board Newcastle amidst serene lakes, scenic rivers, and stunning beaches. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced paddler, there's a perfect spot waiting for you. This guide unveils eight of the most captivating locations for stand-up paddle boarding in Newcastle, NSW.

1. Throsby Creek

Throsby Creek is a serene waterway located in the heart of Carrington, a suburb of Newcastle. It's a hidden gem that shelters abundant wildlife and mangroves. The water is typically calm and perfect for beginners who want to learn how to paddle board. Those who wish to launch their paddle board can park near the Carrington Boat Ramp and head to the Newcastle Rowing Club. Amenities are available at the corner of Fitzroy and Tully Street for those who need them.

  • Skill Level: Suitable for beginners
  • Water Type: Creek
  • Access: Plenty of parking near the Carrington Boat Ramp
  • Launch Point: Area around the Newcastle Rowing Club
Throsby Creek

2. Horseshoe Beach

Horseshoe Beach, located near the Nobby SLSC, is the only dog-friendly beach in Newcastle. If you plan to take your furry friend with you for a stand up paddle boarding session, there's a perfect place to go. Here, your dog can have fun on the sand or your paddle board without the restriction of a leash. However, giving your dog enough time to get used to staying on your paddle board is essential. Also, always watch your dog to ensure their safety. You can also enjoy the views of Nobby Headland and the harbour from the water.

  • Skill Level: Suitable for all levels
  • Water Type: Beach
  • Access: Amenities available nearby at Nobby SLSC

Horseshoe Beach

3. Little Beach

Little Beach is a small and sheltered beach located in Stockton, NSW, which is an excellent spot for families to spend their weekend on the water. The beach is fairly calm and clear, making it perfect for beginners and those who want a leisurely paddle. Moreover, you might even have a chance to spot some dolphins while paddling.

  • Skill Level: Perfect for beginners. It is a great spot for families to enjoy a weekend on the water.
  • Water Type: At the beach, the water is fairly calm and clear, which is perfect for beginners and those who want to have a leisurely paddle.
  • Access: Nearby, amenities are available at the Stockton Surf Life Saving Club, which provides additional convenience for stand up paddle board Newcastle enthusiasts.

Little Beach

4. Naru Beach

Naru Beach is a stunning spot located in Marks Point, a suburb of Lake Macquarie. It offers a crystal clear view of the lake and its islands. There are also swimming areas on the northern side, which are ideal for kids. Naru Beach is a popular spot for kayaking, boogie boarding, and paddle boarding. You can meet other paddlers and make some friends.

  • Skill Level: Ideal for kids and beginners. It is recommended to go for a morning paddle.
  • Water Type: Beach, the water is crystal clear and calm waves
  • Access: It can be extremely busy, especially in the warmer months, so get in early and allow extra time for parking during peak periods

Note: Be cautious of the deep areas in the lake due to a strong current. Stay near the shore for safety.

Naru Beach

5. Green Point Foreshore

Located on the eastern shore of Lake Macquarie, the Green Point Foreshore Stand Up Paddle Boarding Spots offer enchanting views of the lake and its surroundings. This spot is ideal for paddle boarding, with the lake providing a serene backdrop for the activity. The area boasts several access points along various walking trails, making it easy to launch your paddle board. Be prepared to carry your paddle board a short distance from the parking area to the water. Whether you choose to explore the lake and its islands or simply soak in the picturesque scenery, Green Point Foreshore promises a delightful stand up paddle board Newcastle experience.

  • Skill Level: All levels
  • Water Type: Lake
  • Access: There are several access points along the different walking trails in the area.

Green Point Foreshore

6. Swansea Bay Beach

Swansea Bay Beach, located behind Swansea Lakeside Caravan Park, is a charming spot with a shallow entrance, ideal for families. Paddle from here to Pirrita Island for a day of adventure. You'll find lovely spots for picnics with your family, and the waters teem with various birds and fish. The beach offers amenities and is a popular destination for SUP enthusiasts.

  • Skill Level: Great for families
  • Water Type: Beach with calm and shallow waters make it a safe and enjoyable place for people of all ages, including children.
  • Launch Point: Shallow entrance makes it safer and easier for children and beginners to get in and out of the water.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Spots

7. The Hunter River, Maitland

The Hunter River is a picturesque and tranquil river that passes through the Hunter Valley. It can be accessed from different locations in the Maitland area, including Morpeth from Queens Wharf, Hinton, and Lorn. Whether you want to explore the river or just enjoy its beauty, there are many spots where you can access it in Maitland. The river can make you feel a little secluded when you paddle on it, as you can enjoy nature and the wildlife.

  • Skill Level: All levels
  • Water Type: River with soft waves
  • Access: Morpeth from Queens Wharf, Hinton and Lorn.

Note: Be sure to check the weather forecast before coming here and avoid the days after heavy rain, as debris and strong currents might threaten your safety.

The Hunter River, Maitland

8. Port Stephens

Port Stephens, located north of Newcastle, boasts a large natural harbour, a dream come true for paddle board enthusiasts. With its beautiful beaches, islands, and bays, this area offers diverse and exciting opportunities for exploration. Paddle alongside resident wild dolphins for a truly remarkable experience. Port Stephens has it all, whether you love swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, or snorkelling.

  • Skill Level: Paddle boarding beginners can go to Shoal Bay, while Little Beach is perfect for families. Enjoy leisurely hours on the water and spot some dolphins.
  • Water Type: Beaches with calm waves
  • Access: The shop is situated at Shoal Bay, directly opposite the beach. Some top spots for paddle boarding in Port Stephens include Shoal Bay, Little Beach, and Fingal Bay.

Port Stephens

Paddling Time

There are so many ways to enjoy stand up paddle boarding in Newcastle! There are various locations where you can enjoy paddling on different types of water, ranging from calm lakes to scenic rivers and beautiful beaches. You can also witness diverse wildlife, including dolphins, birds, and fish. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler, you can find a suitable place that matches your skill level and preferences.

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