Stand Up Paddle Board Brisbane: 15 Best Spots for You!

Stand Up Paddle Board Brisbane: 15 Best Spots for You!

Sun-kissed beaches, gentle rivers, and scenic waterways – Brisbane truly is a haven for those passionate about stand up paddle boarding. The city offers a blend of tranquil spots and adventurous waterways, making it a perfect destination for both beginners and pros alike. If you're looking to embark on a memorable stand up paddle board Brisbane adventure, then you've landed in the right place. Read on to discover the best spots the city has to offer!

15 Best Places to Paddle Board in Brisbane

1. Brisbane River

Just a heartbeat away from the Brisbane CBD, the iconic Brisbane River remains a top attraction. Offering a blend of calm stretches and gentle currents, it's a suitable spot for both novices and advanced paddlers. Glide beneath the majestic Story Bridge or parallel to the lush Botanical Gardens.

1. Brisbane River

Beyond your stand up paddle board Brisbane experience, you can also hop on a City Cat for a river tour, or indulge in riverside dining, making the most of the city's vibrant culinary scene.

  • Launch Point: Various locations along the river, including Kangaroo Point and West End.
  • Water Type: Calm river with occasional boat traffic.
  • Tips: Start early to avoid heavy boat traffic and take in the cityscape views.

2. South Bank Parklands

Located just a 10-minute stroll from Brisbane CBD, South Bank Parklands offers a metropolitan oasis. The tranquil waters are ideal for stand up paddle boards Brisbane enthusiasts, regardless of experience.

After a rewarding paddle session, you can delve into the parkland's many attractions. Wander through its meticulously maintained gardens showcasing native flora, immerse yourself in the bustling local markets filled with artisan goods and unique finds, or take a mesmerizing ride on the Brisbane Wheel, which offers panoramic views of the city skyline and the winding river below. It's more than just a paddling destination; it's an experience that combines nature with urban allure.

  • Launch Point: Streets Beach or Boat Pool.
  • Water Type: Calm, man-made lagoon.
  • Tips: Ideal for beginners; consider taking a SUP yoga class at Streets Beach.

3. Donnybrook

A scenic hour's drive from Brisbane, Donnybrook is a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts. Its waters lean towards experienced paddlers, but the mangrove edges might surprise you with playful dolphins.

Beyond paddle board Brisbane activities, Donnybrook offers a rich palette of experiences. The area is crisscrossed with well-marked hiking trails that showcase the region's diverse flora and fauna. The untouched beauty of its landscapes makes it an ideal place to spread out a blanket and enjoy a picnic, listening to the sounds of nature. Whether you're bird-watching, capturing photographs, or simply soaking in the serene ambiance, Donnybrook provides an escape from the urban hustle.

  • Launch Point: Donnybrook Boat Ramp.
  • Water Type: Calm and scenic Pine River.
  • Tips: Bring insect repellent for a comfortable paddle through natural surroundings.

4. Coochiemudlo Island

Situated an hour from Brisbane, including a ferry ride from Victoria Point, Coochiemudlo Island is a hidden treasure. Its calm waters cater perfectly to families and those new to paddle boarding.

4. Coochiemudlo Island

But Coochiemudlo offers much more than just water activities. The island is rich with scenic walking trails, giving visitors a chance to explore its diverse landscapes, from dense green bushlands to sandy shorelines.

Additionally, its sandy beaches frequently come alive with impromptu beach volleyball games, allowing tourists and locals to mingle, compete, and relish in the island's vibrant community spirit. Whether you're seeking relaxation or recreation, Coochiemudlo has it in spades.

  • Launch Point: Coochiemudlo Island Ferry Terminal.
  • Water Type: Calm waters around the island with sandy shores.
  • Tips: Explore the island's hidden beaches and local wildlife.

5. Wellington Point

Only 30 minutes from the CBD, Wellington Point is a sanctuary for paddling enthusiasts. With its turquoise waters nestled against lush mangroves, it provides a tranquil environment that's particularly welcoming for beginners.

Beyond the allure of its waters, Wellington Point offers many nature-based activities. Kayaking is another popular way to explore the intricate waterways, providing a closer look at the area's marine life and mangrove ecosystems.

Meanwhile, its grassy expanses and shaded spots under trees present the perfect setting for picnics, allowing visitors to relax and soak in the panoramic views while enjoying a meal amidst the gentle sounds of nature.

  • Launch Point: Wellington Point Reserve.
  • Water Type: Shallow, bay-like waters.
  • Tips: Best for sunset paddling and bird watching.

6. Redcliffe Peninsula

Situated an hour north of Brisbane, Redcliffe Peninsula is a diverse water lover's dream. Featuring both calm bays for leisurely paddling and challenging open waters for the adventurous, the distant silhouette of Moreton Island on the horizon adds to its charm.

6. Redcliffe Peninsula

As one of the best places to paddle board Brisbane, Redcliffe doesn't just stop at water activities. Its sandy beaches, often lined with families and groups, are perfect settings for beachside picnics.

Here, the soft breezes not only soothe sun-kissed paddle boarders but also provide the perfect wind conditions for kite flying. Children and adults alike can be seen with their colorful kites soaring, making the peninsula a vibrant and dynamic locale for both action and relaxation.

  • Launch Point: Redcliffe Jetty or Scarborough Beach.
  • Water Type: Varied, from sheltered bays to open ocean.
  • Tips: Check the weather conditions before heading out to the open waters.

7. Caboolture River

Just 45 minutes to the north of Brisbane, Caboolture River emerges as a tranquil haven for paddle enthusiasts. While its waters are tailored mostly for intermediate paddlers, its surroundings offer a stark contrast to the city's hustle and bustle.

Beyond just paddling, the Caboolture River area is rich in biodiversity. Bird enthusiasts often find themselves in for a treat, as the region is home to many bird species, making bird-watching a popular activity.

Furthermore, the scenic riverside trails invite visitors for leisurely walks, allowing them to fully immerse in the lush landscapes and gentle sounds of the river's flow, creating a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.

  • Launch Point: Caboolture River Road.
  • Water Type: Calm river with minimal boat traffic.
  • Tips: Watch for local birdlife, including eagles and pelicans.

8. Enoggera Reservoir

Located a mere 30 minutes from Brisbane's vibrant CBD, the Enoggera Reservoir is a sanctuary with untouched waters surrounded by dense green canopies. Renowned as a stand up paddle boarding Brisbane hotspot, it provides a refreshing break from city life.

Beyond its paddle-friendly waters, the reservoir is encompassed by numerous hiking trails. These paths offer trekkers a chance to encounter local wildlife – from native birds to curious marsupials – making it a dual destination for both water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

  • Launch Point: Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre.
  • Water Type: Clear, freshwater reservoir surrounded by forest.
  • Tips: Rent a board or bring your own for a serene paddle.

9. North Stradbroke Island

A two-hour journey from Brisbane leads to North Stradbroke, a locale that challenges even the seasoned with its robust waves. For adrenaline lovers, it's among the best places to paddle board Brisbane presents.

9. North Stradbroke Island

Alongside its thrilling waters, the island's panoramic ocean views beckon photographers, both professional and amateur. The pristine beaches, strewn with unique shells and driftwood, invite visitors for leisurely beachcombing sessions, uncovering the ocean's treasures with every step.

  • Launch Point: Various beach access points.
  • Water Type: Coastal waters with potential for waves.
  • Tips: Experienced paddlers can enjoy the surf breaks on the eastern side.

10. Moreton Bay

An hour away from Brisbane, Moreton Bay unfurls as a marine wonderland. It's versatile, hosting calm inlets for the novice and challenging expanses for the seasoned paddling enthusiast.

But the bay's allure extends past paddle boarding adventures. It's a bustling marine ecosystem, where snorkelers can witness vibrant coral reefs and playful fish. The bay's clear waters also provide prime opportunities for spotting dolphins, making it not just a paddle destination, but a full marine experience.

  • Launch Point: Multiple access points, including Manly and Raby Bay.
  • Water Type: Bay waters with diverse marine life.
  • Tips: Keep an eye out for dolphins and sea turtles while paddling.

11. Tallebudgera Creek

Situated an hour to the south, the mesmerizing Tallebudgera Creek, with its azure waters and impeccable sandy stretches, is a dream location for paddle boarding. Tailored for beginners, the creek delivers a calm, immersive paddling experience.

9. North Stradbroke Island

Beyond that, its inviting waters are also popular for leisurely swims, and its serene banks offer the perfect backdrop for sunbathing or reading a good book under the shade.

  • Launch Point: Tallebudgera Creek Road.
  • Water Type: Calm, meandering creek.
  • Tips: Great for family outings and exploring the winding waterway.

12. Currumbin Creek

A 90-minute drive from Brisbane's CBD lands you at the tranquil Currumbin Creek, a gateway for those new to paddle boarding. With its serene ambiance and scenic vistas, paddling here is a treat.

But water adventures aren't limited to paddle boarding: the creek's inviting calmness also makes it an ideal spot for kayaking. Once you're done with water activities, you can spread out a blanket on its banks and enjoy a picturesque picnic.

  • Launch Point: Currumbin Creek Road.
  • Water Type: Calm, clear creek with mangroves.
  • Tips: Explore the peaceful mangrove areas and birdwatch.

13. Cotton Tree

Nestled 90 minutes to the north, near Maroochydore, Cotton Tree is a beacon for paddle board Brisbane enthusiasts. Its calm waters promise an undisturbed paddle boarding session to both newcomers and experts.

Cotton Tree also surprises with a range of boutique shops offering unique finds. And for those wanting to relax after a session on the water, the area's pristine beaches are perfect for picnics, ensuring a well-rounded day of adventure and relaxation.

  • Launch Point: Cotton Tree Esplanade.
  • Water Type: Calm waters along the Maroochy River.
  • Tips: Watch for jumping fish and relax at nearby cafes afterward.

14. Noosa River

A two-hour trek northward takes you to the bustling Noosa River. Its shimmering blue waters are a hotspot for paddling.

14. Noosa River

Its vibrant esplanade comes alive with many cafes, perfect for sipping on a latte while overlooking the water, and boutique stores that cater to both tourists and locals, ensuring every visit is filled with new discoveries.

  • Launch Point: Gympie Terrace or Tewantin.
  • Water Type: Calm river with various channels.
  • Tips: Paddle to the Noosa Everglades for a unique adventure.

15. Raby Bay

A short 30-minute drive southeast from Brisbane unveils Raby Bay's clear waters, which graciously accommodate beginners and seasoned paddle boarders. The bay's waters are a testament to tranquility, making stand up paddle boarding Brisbane sessions here a rejuvenating experience.

15. Raby Bay

The charm of Raby Bay extends to its surroundings: the neighboring parklands beckon for a leisurely walk, while the nearby eateries, with their diverse offerings, guarantee a delightful end to a day of aquatic adventure.

  • Launch Point: Raby Bay Foreshore Park.
  • Water Type: Sheltered bay with minimal currents.
  • Tips: Explore the nearby islands and enjoy a leisurely paddle.

Brisbane Paddle Boarding Awaits!

Brisbane boasts an abundance of scenic waterways, making it an idyllic location for stand up paddle board Brisbane enthusiasts. From the vibrant currents of the Brisbane River to the tranquil stretches of Caboolture, there's a haven for every paddle boarder. Head to iROCKER for premium equipment and turn your paddling adventure in Brisbane into an unforgettable experience!


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