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How To Convert Your Stand-Up Paddle Board into a Kayak?

How To Convert Your Stand-Up Paddle Board into a Kayak?

We’re all about using creativity to take your SUP investment as far as possible. While every iROCKER board packs plenty of adventure opportunities, it’s always fun to take things to the next level. Get even more out of your board with our versatile SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit.  

Test your limits in the ocean or Intracoastal by converting your SUP into a kayak and in less than five minutes you have a completely different piece of equipment and another sport!  

kayaking on a paddle board


Transforming your SUP into a kayak provides not only a different on-the-water experience, but also offers several benefits. If you’re paddling long distances, having the option to take a break and give your legs a rest means you can adventure further, longer. Having a dual-blade kayak paddle can also be helpful against strong winds or currents. The option to sit down while SUP fishing can also prove beneficial as a seated position can give you more leverage while reeling in your catch—not to mention can be more comfortable if you’re planning a long day of trawling on the water!  

Follow this simple advice for your paddle/blade and board and you’ll be kayaking before you know it. 

“Even though I primarily like to stand up and paddle, I like the flexibility of being able to use the board as a kayak when my daughter is on board with me. We enjoy using our iROCKER as a kayak more than our actual kayak.” 

– Justin N., iROCKER customer 



Step 1: Purchase the Right Kayak Bundle for Your Board Type 
We can’t stress this enough—make surethe kit you purchaseis compatible with your SUP package. Our SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit is compatible with all iROCKER boards.   

Step 2: Attach the Seat Straps to the Rings 
Place the kayak seat facing forward in the middle of your paddle board. Attach the straps on the top of the kayak seat to the D-rings on the front of your board, then attach the straps on the bottom of the kayak seat to the D-rings on the back of your board. 

Step 3: Flip the Seat Up and Adjust Straps to Desired Length 
Once all the straps are attached correctly, flip open the seat. Adjust the straps accordingly to make sure the seat opens evenly. You may need to take the kayak out for a spin and adjust the straps to fit the posture that’s most comfortable for you. 

paddle board to kayak conversion kit

There you go! Your board is now a kayak. Now it’s time to attach the kayak blade to your SUP paddle. 

Step 4: Pull the T-Bar Handle Out of the Paddle 
Simply flip the attachment piece on the paddle to remove the original top handle.  

Step 5: Replace the T-Bar Handle with the Kayak Blade 
Push the kayak blade from your kit into the open end of the paddle. Click the latch down to secure it in place. Now you have a dual-sided paddle perfect for your kayak adventures! 

If you’d rather watch—check out this quick how-to video

That’s all there is to it! The SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit is a great way to save hundreds of dollars on a traditional kayak and a great way to get more out of your SUP. Be sure to take your SUP-Kayak combo on your next trip for endless hours of water fun on your feet or on your bum. 

child kayaking on a paddle board



If you crave music while you’re on the water, the VIBE Waterproof Speakeris the perfect accessory. Simply use the suction feature to securely attach it to your SUP. 


Gone are the days of relaxing in the middle of the water without a cold drink or snacks in hand. An advanced bungee system attaches the water-resistant Cooler Deck Bag to the D-rings on your board for on-the-go convenience. 


Function is the name of the game with the fast-acting iROCKER 12V Electric Pump. Inflate your board to 15 PSI in 12 minutes or less and spend more time on the water.

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