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Paddle Into the New Year

Paddle Into the New Year

The days have gotten shorter and cold weather might still be upon us, but warmer, sunnier days are just around the corner. And you know what that means—SUP season is almost here! Trade in your skis for a paddle board and start preparing for the best season on the water yet.

Get Ready with Us 

How to Choose the Right SUP For You 

Selecting the right SUP is the first step to making sure you have the most memorable paddle season with family and friends. So, how do you select the right SUP? Let us help you! 

We have something for just about everyone no matter their skill level, body type, budget and activity preference.

Our NAUTICAL collection is our most affordable and beginner-friendly series of boards. Whether you’re a curious newbie or looking for an affordable way to get out on the water with the family, the NAUTICAL line is sure to get everyone hooked on the feeling.

The iROCKER series of boards are the perfect mix of lightweight materials and durability. Great for those who have been around the lake a few times, the iROCKER boards are built with explorers in mind who are looking to enhance their paddling skills while providing enough room and flexibility for yoga lovers to enjoy as well. 

Are you an experienced paddler looking for features, speed, and a more premium feel? The BLACKFIN series is perfect for anyone looking to set the pace and show off their skills on the water. These premium boards have the most action mounts and accessories available, making every trip better and more convenient than ever. 

The ULTRA™ Collection is perfect for those with the travel bug who want to bring their SUP on epic vacations to gorgeous destinations. Our lightest, most compact boards to date, the ULTRA™ boards are the perfect travel companion when you get the paddling itch.

How to Choose the Right SUP For You

Start Practicing Your Balance

Start Practicing Your Balance 

Before you get back out on the water after the winter hiatus, make sure you have practiced your balance on land. Making sure you are comfortable on your SUP will make a huge difference in your experience, so make sure you plan your exercise or workout routines accordingly.

Paddling on the water will utilize your leg muscles and core muscles to keep you standing when the water gets rough, or the wind gets gusty.  

For more SUP tips for those heading into your first paddle season with us, watch this video to help prepare yourself for a summer of fun on the water!  

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Plan Your Adventures 

To get the most out of your water excursions, a great rule of thumb is to make sure you have properly planned out your day. Nothing is more frustrating than getting all packed up to waste time and not enjoy your day as much as possible.

Download the Blue Adventures App

Download the Blue Adventures App 

Powered by iROCKER, this app is the perfect companion for a day on the water. Log, record, explore and evaluate all in one easy to use place! 

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Plan a trip with the Family or Friends  

Make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to location and duration! 

Pack the Essentials!  

PFDs, sunscreen, dry clothes, sunglasses, towels, hydration, cell phones, dry bags etc. Make sure you have everything you need for a full day on the water! 

Traveling Far? ULTRA™ Boards are the Way to Go  

Whether it's by car, plane, boat or train, super light and compact ULTRA™ boards are the perfect companions to bring for an awesome adventure. 

Plan on the Water Activities  

If you plan to fish, bring a pet, practice your downward dog pose, and anything in-between, make sure you bring the proper equipment and accessories to make things as simple as possible! 

Plan on the Water Activities

Gear Up for Adventure 

You’ve got the board and it's all yours. Now what? Personalize your board and bundle your favorite accessories to make your time nothing short of perfect. No matter your hobby or skill, we’ve got the extras you’re looking for. 

Looking to customize your board with a personal touch of color? You can swap out the bungees and handles with different colors to suit your mood.

Want to relax and enjoy the water without paddling? The Boost Fin battery powered electric propulsion kit takes the work out of paddling and puts the board in cruise control. To make things even easier, pair this with the Kayak Conversion Kit so you can sit back and relax while you cruise around the lake! 

Looking for some rechargeable accessories? The VIBE Waterproof Bluetooth speaker lets you blast your favorite tunes wherever you are and the iROCKER Electric Pump Battery lets you inflate your board with ease. It also doubles as a power bank for your portable devices! 


It's never too late to start living your best life on the water, regardless of your age or skill level! It's a new year, and it can be a new you, too! 

We'll see you on the water.