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3 Ways to Enhance Your Next Paddle Boarding Adventure

3 Ways to Enhance Your Next Paddle Boarding Adventure

Take Things Up a Notch on Your Next Paddle Boarding Adventure 

Warmer weather is almost here, it may be a few months away, but that does not mean you cannot start planning your paddle boarding adventures! With the season so close, you may be looking to shake things up a bit. You want to make the most of your time on your inflatable paddle board. How can you take things up a notch?  

Here are a few quick and easy suggestions to really kick things up for your next on-the-water adventure. Put these tips to good use this weekend, or anytime you’re feeling spontaneous. If you want to kick off warmer weather with a paddle boarding extravaganza, these ideas are for you!  

Explore Somewhere New

Explore Somewhere New 

We all have our favorite paddle boarding spots. Maybe it’s the lake up the road, or it might be the reservoir with scenic views an hour outside of town. It’s the place you visit time and time again. But sometimes, your favorite paddle boarding locations can start to feel a little stale, especially as the summer wears on. Perhaps you just want to avoid getting tired of your local spots. 

Spice things up with a new paddle boarding location you’ve never been to! Pack up your inflatable paddle board and make a day trip out of it. Go somewhere you don’t normally visit, or you are excited to explore more. There’s something exciting about exploring unfamiliar waters and breaking up your routine. You never know what you might discover. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite spot. 

Find new SUP spots or mark down your favorite locations with the Blue Adventures app powered by iROCKER. 

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Go SUP Kayaking

Go SUP Kayaking  

Stand up paddle boarding is fun, but have you tried SUP kayaking? It starts by turning your inflatable paddle board into a kayak. All you need is a SUP to Kayak Conversion Kit. This includes a kayak seat and a paddle blade that attaches to your existing paddle. How does this take things to the next level for your paddle boarding adventure? A SUP kayak unlocks all kinds of possibilities. For more information, watch this video. 

You can take your paddle board to spots where you might avoid typical stand-up paddle boarding. This includes faster or rougher rivers. An inflatable SUP kayak isn’t necessarily designed for extreme whitewater rapids, but you can take it on rivers and streams where standing isn’t always an option. You can also use a SUP kayak for longer excursions where standing might get tiring. Take a seat and enjoy the ride! 

Plus, if you don't want to kayak alone you can tandem kayak by attaching two kayak seats to your iROCKER paddle board! 

Make a Party Out of It 

Have you ever organized a paddle boarding party? It’s when you and your friends all get together on your inflatable paddle boards and bring coolers stocked with snacks and drinks. Find the perfect spot on the water near the shore and anchor all your boards together. 

Play games, listen to some tunes with a waterproof speaker, and have a blast! It’s a great way to kick off spring or summer while having a memorable paddle boarding adventure at the same time. It might even become your newest summer tradition. 

Make a Party Out of It



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