That’s right, this post is all about stress or, more specifically, stress busters. The hustle and bustle of life is at its peak this time of year. Work, family, traffic, social commitments and even the weather can add up to some major fun-sucking mayhem without a little stress relief. If that sounds like you, go ahead and chill because we have good news: paddle boarding is a total stress buster.


If SUP is part of your regular daily routine, then you’re one step ahead of most people. If it’s not, or if you’re looking to focus on your mental fitness a little more than usual, then read on. This post is all about our top three ways paddle boarding is a stress buster.

#1: Paddle Boarding is Good for Your Brain
#2: Paddle Boarding is Good for Your Body
#3: Paddle Boarding is Good for Your Zen
Bonus: the Ultimate Stress Buster

#1: Paddle Boarding is Good for Your Brain

Paddle boarding requires mental focus. You need to pay attention to your body, your board, your paddle, the water, the landscape and fellow paddlers.

If you’re practicing new maneuvers, trying out a new board or getting your blood pumping with a high-octane workout, paddle boarding is the best way to get your mind in line.

Sure, you can paddle along and get lost in thought but chances are you won’t be stressing over traffic while riding a wave or challenging yourself to an all-time best time against the clock.

If home, work or social stress is stressing you out, hop on your stand up paddle board to shift your focus and get things right in your head.

#2: Paddle Boarding is Good for Your Body

We’ve said it a zillion times (well, at least a million): stand up paddle boarding does your body good! Even sitting on a paddle board and paddling along with a gentle following current is a great workout. Go hard, and you cold burn over 1,000 calories in a single stand up paddle sesh.

SUP requires full body attention, from your eyes, head, neck and shoulders, to your arms, core, legs and booty. Who has time to think about that paper due or some office meeting when your board and the water require your full attention?

Not you!

Why cheat your body from the love it craves by worrying about problems that will still be there when you get back from the water?

If stress is getting to you, put a little extra thought into working your entire body during your next SUP workout. Think about your posture, balance, technique and even a few challenges to go a little harder than usual.

Tip: if you’ve been thinking about learning a new SUP skill, there’s no better time to tackle the challenge than when you’re suffering from maximum stress. So go ahead and ride those rapids. You need a new focus!

#3: Paddle Boarding is Good for Your Zen

The concentration SUP requires is healthy for mind and body even under calm conditions. Commune with nature all by your lonesome or bond with your SUP buddies during an epic group outing. It’s all good for your soul.

But if you want to get serious about getting more Zen in your life (and less stress) than SUP yoga needs to make your list of what to try next.

If you haven’t tried even a basic yoga pose on your iROCKER, challenge yourself to try one on your next outing. For starters, we recommend the good ol’ warrior pose. You can practice on stable ground first. Practice is good for muscle memory and, well, working on the right facial expression for your next SUP selfie.

It will also help you master the pose when you’re actually balancing on the water. (It’s harder than it looks.)

You can find all kinds of helpful hints here for SUP yoga. Meanwhile, check out this video for the proper technique on land before challenging yourself on water.

Once you’ve nailed the warrior pose, kick things up a notch with the full wheel pose (and definitely get someone to snap that pic).

Bonus: the Ultimate Stress Buster

Sometimes, the best stress buster is treating yourself to something new. And if you did master the full wheel pose, then you deserve a little treat!

Our iROCKER team is always working on new bells and whistles for our award-winning boards. We’re also always on the lookout for accessories to make the SUP life better every day. Check out our full line of new accessories that will bring a smile to your face in even the most stressful times.

Hint: you definitely need an Electric SUP Pump in your life.

We’d love to hear how you use SUP to bust out stress. Plus, we want to see those yoga selfies! Get in touch with our team using the fields below or check in on our social.