Traveling overseas with a stand-up paddling board can be a very tricky thing but not with an iROCKER SUP. You could pack inflatables in your bigger luggage and enjoy supping all throughout your vacation abroad. It is well-known that hard boards can be very expensive to bring with when traveling to other countries or even within the US by plane. That is why many give up entirely on the idea and leave their hobby on a “stand-by” until they come back from their holidays. However, you can bring your inflatable (iSUP) almost anywhere and it might as well cost you nothing.

But of course, before embarking on your journey be sure to check out on the rules when it comes to baggage, as those can very differ greatly from airline to airline. It is important to comply with the criteria because you surely don’t want your vacation to be spoiled even before it began. Normally, it shouldn’t be a problem to leave the SUP equipment in your bigger – checked-in luggage, because the restrictions are much more strict when it comes to cabin baggage. This is actually how you can transport your iSUP gear without paying any extra charges (which one usually would for sports equipment, musical instruments etc.)

You also might want to think about the places where you would be using your iSUP.  You surely don’t want to arrive at your destination and then find out that the river you wanted to do your stand up paddling in is actually a restricted area for boats, surfing boards, SUPs etc. There might be also some seashores where you have to pay for supping (despite having brought your own SUP board with you). In order to get the most relevant information on this to be sure to do your research online, call the hotel where you will stay in or speak to a local.

So, once these and other aspects of traveling with an iSUP are cleared out, you are good to go and enjoy your favorite sport, despite being far away from US soil. In the end, you might as well realize that the Earth is the Earth no matter where you are and can embrace you with its lovely tides, calming breeze and still or rough waters on both sides of the equator. You and your friends can have a lot of fun with your iSUP overseas – working out, classical paddling or even kayaking (with the iSUP to kayak gear – whatever it is, wherever you are.

And lastly, what makes our inflatables so much worth it? We have developed our boards and SUP equipment with a lot of thought for beginners and experienced suppers alike, using the best of quality materials and techniques. We are proud to have been rated as a top inflatable Stand Up Paddling boards provider for 2018 from Contrary to popular belief, our iSUPs are exceptionally steady and allow a unique performance in water basins, but also as a workout kit on sand.