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Lightweight, yet durable paddle boards for enthusiastic explorers.

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Made in Florida, Sold Globally.

Born in a Florida garage in 2013, our eponymous brand has since become beloved by paddlers around the globe. Ranked one of the best SUPs on the market, the functional and durable build of the iROCKER line make it a reliable pick for explorers of all sizes and skill levels.

irocker-paddle-boards Made in Florida, Sold Globally

Reliable Construction.

Each iROCKER board features innovative, woven 
drop-stitch construction to deliver a lighter and more durable board with increased rigidity and improved speed. Longer fins offer improved tracking and balance, while the new 5-piece carbon fiber paddle is lightweight and easy to use with enhanced durability and detachable parts for convenient travel and storage.


The Classic Board. Made for Everyone.

With multiple models of varying widths, lengths, and accessories to choose from, iROCKER boards offer something for every body type, budget, and skill level. Beloved by both families as well as solo riders who want a fresh and fun way to explore with friends.

iRockerLanding_Sectio_Break The Classic Board. Made for Everyone

Build Your Experience.

With a wide range of compatible gear and accessories, you can build the SUP the best suits your unique on-the-water needs.


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irocker-paddle-boards Jackie N review

Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

"I've never felt closer to nature than when I'm on my board. I have an ALL AROUND 11’ board and it is one of my happiest places in Big Sky Country."

Jackie N

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irocker-paddle-boards Molly review

Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

"So fun! This is my 5th paddle board. I am obsessed. Try it. You won’t regret it!!!"


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irocker-paddle-boards Kellie L review

Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

"Great product! Everybody needs one!"

Kellie L

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