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From lake to river and ocean to creek, these are the stories straight from your community—the stories worth sharing. We’ve traveled the globe to find the most adventurous paddlers to share their tales.

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Backcountry Bliss — Hiking and Paddling in Private Paradise!

Here in the Canadian Rockies, many of the most scenic and rewarding waters to paddle are concealed by soaring peaks and passes in the backcountry. Vivid blue tarns dot fortress-like mountain bowls, and emerald-green lakes collect in pine-forested valleys below...
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Fall Fervor - The Glory of All-Season Paddling!

Up here in Canada, as the long hours of summer daylight begin to shorten, the evening twilight becomes crisp and cool. Stars twinkle in the brisk, clear atmosphere and there is an instinctual and imminent feeling of change in the...