How often do you crash into debris while on your stand-up paddle board? Trees floating down the river, shells moving in the ocean and all different kinds of various hazards are the reality of a stand up paddle boarder. In fact, since the past storm season, the debris problem seems worse.

Sometimes, having fun on the water means having to deal with hazards and debris. iRocker understands these concerns and when they made their stand-up paddle board, they only used the best materials and crafted it with the highest quality.

Designing a quality product is critical when it comes to safety. We’re out there using our boards, too. (We’re crazy obsessed with making the best boards on the market!)

At iRocker, we know that nothing is more important than your safety and we take pride in making the strongest and safest stand up paddle boards available.

Our reputation for speed, stability and durability, is why you might already know iRocker and that makes us proud. That’s what we love about iRocker, too!

It’s important for us that you understand how IRocker boards are built? We think you should know, because durability and quality are the hallmarks of the iRocker brand name, and because your enjoyment and well-being depend on it.

The iRocker is one of the best built iSUPs out there. Hands down.

From day one our mission was to build the finest board possible with the finest materials we could find.

Our objective was to produce a board especially created for speed and stability that also could be tough against water hazards while keeping your safety paramount. That’s a huge order to fill, but we were committed to having it no other way . There would be no compromise in gaining the highest results.

We tested lots of different materials and designs, spent lots of money. Finally, the brilliant and heavy-duty, sleek and steadfast iRocker was born, and we couldn’t be thrilled.

Our quality is at the highest, with a quad layer, military-grade PVC, with seams that are heat-welded and a six-inch triple-layer drop stitch core. It’s really simple, even though it might sound like Greek.  It means all of our boards can take some serious punishment from obstacles and debris and will never falter.

Branches, rocks or shells? Not a problem.

The iRocker boards have an increased thickness and are two inches more than other boards. It seems like a little but, it’s a lot actually. That added thickness adds up to greatly increased  buoyancy and stability, making sure that you get the best ride possible.

Our diamond groove traction pad makes it non-slip to give you added confidence and security, and when you have confidence, you will have more fun out on the water.

There were extra challenges building extra durability into our boards when we were designing iRocker to be inflatable.  It was no small task to create a board that is as travel-friendly as it is safe and durable.

We did it.

We know that being able to pack your board in your suitcase or your car is simply not negotiable. Travel is an important part of the stand-up paddle culture.

It’s as easy to inflate and deflate as it is to find new water when you hit the open road. We never compromised our hallmark high quality standards to get it done.

If you have encountered some on one of your stand-up paddle adventures, we’d love to hear about it. Just drop us a note in the fields below. OR if you are a real enthusiast the grab your video camera and send us a video of you taking on the ocean, a river or lake.