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We think SUP yoga is so great, we wrote two blogs about it! In the first part of this blog series, we walked you through a few simple, basic yoga poses to get you started. Since you’ve already mastered those three positions, here are a few more challenging moves to try out on your inflatable stand up paddle board:


Crow Pose

yoga-crow-poseBest Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board, time to Get Fit, Get Excited & Get Going. The Sanskrit name for this difficult position is Bakasana. Place your palms on the traction pad of your iRocker and bring your elbows into your inner thighs and push forward, slowly lifting your feet off the inflatable paddle board.


Need a little help bringing your body into a crow pose? Start on solid group with a block elevating your feet. It’s typically helpful to start with your feet a few inches off the ground in order to propel your body weight onto your hands.


IRocker body enhancement identification; Strengthened muscle groups: legs, abs, shoulders



yoga-headstandBalancing on a SUP takes a few tries so f you’re new to this whole yoga thing, the Sirsasana is no walk in the park (especially when you’re floating on the water!) Reaching a headstand position on your inflatable stand up paddle board will give you a whole new view of your environment. The ripples in the water will seem larger and the flipped coastline will make you see things you hadn’t previously.


You’ll quickly find yourself swimming around your iSUP if you don’t practice your headstand on solid ground first. Starting your sirsasana on the shore will give you just enough practice to carry over onto your iRocker.


iRocker body enhancement identification: Strengthened muscle groups: arms, legs, back


Full Wheel

yoga-full-wheelYou might know this as a back bend, while the yoga community knows its official name is Urdhva Dhanurasana. This pose is a great way to relieve some tension through the lengthening of your spine. Plenty of pros say the full wheel is a good way to give you a little energy boost when you’re feeling down. Whether it’s the yoga pose or being out on the water with your inflatable paddle board, you’re bound to leave your yoga session in a relaxed state of mind.


iRocker body enhancement identification: Strengthened muscle groups: arms, abs, legs


Thread the Needle

yoga-threadAfter hours of paddling on your iSUP, Sucirandhrasana is the perfect way to relieve sore shoulders and give you a nice stretch. Begin on your hands and knees, then slide your right arm between left arm and left knee until your shoulder rests comfortably on the iSUP traction pad. Hold this pose for around five seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.


The weight distribution of this pose is fairly uneven. Don’t forget to be patient with yourself and your body when attempting thread the needle on your iSUP.


iRocker body enhancement identification: Strengthened muscle groups: neck, arms, shoulders


iRocker is always looking for ways to help our customers stay fit and ready to ride. Running through part one and two of our yoga series is one of the best ways to fully take advantage of your inflatable stand up paddle board. The stability of an iRocker and its great traction pad makes it a perfect board for practicing yoga. Breathe in, breathe out and take in your beautiful surroundings. We can’t think of anything better than strengthening your body while out on the beautiful water.


Join us every Friday for fun facts, great locations to visit, fitness programs and Yoga all on your portable, iRocker inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board. We always make sure you hit the water running. See you next week.

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