Summer is finally here! And oh my gosh, what a welcome relief after the longest winter ever. Seriously, did you think the rain and cold were ever going to stop? That plus the disastrous hurricane and storm season last Fall really took a toll on water fun, and stand up paddle boarders noticed!

Less time on the water these past several months meant more time with family and friends who don’t stand up paddle (good), and more time on the couch with Netflix and Domino’s (bad).

But is sitting on the couch what a SUP enthusiast really wants? No!

So now that the warm weather and glistening water of summer are upon us, it’s time to gear up for some summer fun.

We talked recently about some budget-friendly ways to get the most out of your iROCKER board and gear. In case you missed that post, check it out here. Most importantly, you want to be safe and take small steps to help your iROCKER last as long as possible.


Quickly, here are the highlights, and you can do these today to ensure you get an awesome full summer of SUP.

  1. Give your board a good scrub with fresh water and an environmentally friendly boat cleaner. You should do this after every SUP session, by the way, but definitely do this now, before the full heat of the summer sun kicks in.
  2. Next, if you haven’t in the past six months, give your iROCKER a thin coat of a good quality UV protectant. When next winter rolls around, you can repeat this step. Applying UV protectant twice each year helps your board stand up to harsh summer rays without degrading the awesome surface. More than twice per year can harm your board’s surface so stick to once and enjoy the benefits.

Go Shopping

Now for the fun stuff: gear! Even if you’re not much of a shopper, you know you love the look and feel of brand new gear. We’ve got you covered. (Get it? Covered.)

What do you need when the sun is at its brightest? A new iROCKER hat (or two or three). These are seriously great-looking hats but they’re much more than that. They shield your eyes from the harsh sun and protect your skin at the same time.

Also, they look fabulous and make a killer gift for anyone and everyone who loves SUP or iROCKER or just looking marvelous.

iROCKER hats come in four awesome colors and fit like a glove. A serious summertime must.

You also need to protect your shoulders and torso from too much sun. So while you’re choosing between a blue, pink or gray hat, you might as well pick up a sleek iROCKER summer tee. At just $20, it’s kind of a no-brainer and besides, you want to look good from top to toe, right?

Now that your board is ready, your head is covered and your torso is protected, isn’t it time you thought about your belly? Stand up paddle works up a serious appetite and thirst. What’s the solution? The iROCKER koozie, of course! These come in four-packs, so you can treat yourself and your friends to ice cold drinks after your next long, hard paddle.

How do you get ready for summertime SUP? We’d love to hear about it and see pics of you looking fab in your iROCKER summer gear. Use the fields below to show us.