How Stand Up Paddle Boarding Benefits Your Health

Stand Up Paddle Boarding


Stand Up Paddle BoardingPaddle boarding has completely dominated the fitness world for a few years now, and there are a billion reasons why. Most people stand up paddle board to explore and relax, but they also burn some serious calories in the process. It’s easy to learn, an awesome group activity, and can be done around the world…just a few of the obvious reasons why iSUPing is so popular. Here are MANY more:


  • Full Body Workout: Stand up paddle boarding engages almost every single muscle while you’re out on the water. Your back, arms, and shoulders will be hard at work propelling the paddle through the water and changing direction, while your legs and glutes will feel the burn from maintaining a center of balance.


  • Improves Balance: Speaking of balance…SUPing isn’t necessarily as relaxed as it looks. Your muscles are gonna feel it, specifically your core and legs. Stand up paddle boarding requires a constant standing position, which calls for plenty of leg strength and core stability to keep your balance. Better balance doesn’t just help you on the paddle board, it will positively affect almost everything you do throughout the day.


  • Stress Reliever: Stand up paddle boarding doesn’t just strengthen the body, it feeds the brain and soul. Paddling through some of the most beautiful habits nature has to offer naturally relieves stress, and the soothing sounds of your paddle moving through the water and birds chirping are just bonuses. One of the great things about the sport is how versatile it is. For the thrill seekers, paddle surfing and SUPing through whitewater are great options, but relaxing yoga sessions and calm explorations are great for anyone wanting to refresh.


  • Killer Cardio: Paddling in groups is a great way to encourage competition, which in turn generates speed, agility, and sheds calories. SUPing against the current and riding waves will get you fit in no time, but you’ll have to fight through some sore muscles!


  • Increases Strength: You know you’ve had a good workout when you wake up completely sore. Warning! This is exactly what you should expect after a day on the water with your iRocker. Paddle boarding will force you to use muscles you didn’t even know existed, but the results will eventually be a totally toned body. The soreness is definitely worth the result!

So the burning question is, how many calories does stand up paddle boarding actually burn? It varies based on what kind of SUPing you’re doing. Here’s what we found out:


  • 1 Hour of SUP Surfing: This is some serious cross training. Expect to burn between 600-750 calories.
  • 1 Hour of SUP Racing: Racing will definitely test your cardio abilities and speed up your heart rate! Say goodbye to 700-1,130 calories in one session. Wowza!
  • 1 Hour of SUP Yoga: An hour of zen even kills the calories. Yoga isn’t as intense as the other stand up paddle board workouts we’ve mentioned, but it still sheds 400-450 calories.
  • 1 Hour of Casual SUPing: A relaxed day exploring the water and wildlife isn’t just a great idea, it’s a great workout. iSUPing is a great way to burn 300-420 calories without even thinking about it.
  • 1 Hour of SUP Touring: Touring the waters on your iSUP is a great way to enjoy the morning breeze or catch the sunset in the evening.

Here’s a look at how a stand up paddle board workout stacks up to other sports:


  • 1 Hour of Swimming: 830 calories
  • 1 Hour of Biking: 485 calories
  • 1 Hour of Running: 650 calories
  • 1 Hour of Surfing: 415 calories

So there ya have it, SUPing is a serious workout and packs some crazy health and fitness benefits. Stand up paddle boarding is great for everyone and can be done anywhere in the world with a body of water! So get off your couch, put down your computer, grab your iRocker and hit the water.

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