#SipandSUP your way around the world this year as you visit our favorite paddle-up hotspots. Some of the most fun you’ll ever have is sandbar hopping with your stand up paddle board. Here are iRocker’s list of top five sandbars in the world to reach on your paddle board.

SUP Stop #1: Crab Island in Destin, FL

Grab your iRocker and launch your board from Destin’s Harborwalk Village. You have a few different choices for your route, but our favorite is paddle boarding to Crab Island. You’ll be in good company with skilled boaters and SUPers as you hop between the area’s fun bars, floating water parks and food trucks (correction: food boats).

Your first stop has to be the notorious Water World, a floating cantina that serves up some killer daiquiris. Stay awhile for the live music, floating dance floor and unrivaled atmosphere. Water World is only accessible by boat or SUP, so take advantage of the 360-degree waterfront views.

SUP Stop #2: Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

This isn’t a sand bar as much as a sandy beach with lots of bars, but it totally makes our cut. Nothing in the world compares to paddling and boating up to one of the island’s many notorious bars. The USVIs and BVIs are such an easy vacation for Americans, which is why SUP stop #3 is actually at the top of our favorites list.

Start your day by paddle boarding from your boat up to Soggy Dollar Bar for a world famous Painkiller. It has orange juice in it, so it’s a perfectly acceptable breakfast in our books. Recline on an Adirondack chair and watch fellow SUPers and boaters pull up to the beach.

In the mood to bar hop? Paddle around to the world-famous Foxy’s for an unforgettable beach bar experience. If you spot an islander in colorful pants and a shirt, be sure to say hi! That’s Foxy himself. If all of the paddling and painkillers have you a little sleepy, catch a nap and a massage at the floating spa located just off the shore.

SUP Stop #3: The Jupiter Sandbar in Jupiter, FL

Switch gears and enjoy some R&R at Jupiter’s worst kept secret. The Jupiter Sandbar is located right of the inlet and Intracoastal, which makes it the perfect spot for SUPers of all skill levels to visit. Paddle board to the west side with your family for G-rated fun, or pack a few cold ones in your cooler and join the rowdier crowd on the east end. This tropical destination doesn’t boast buzzing bars like many other spots on this list. You know what it does have? Perfect scenery, friendly locals and knee-deep warm water. Sign us up.

SUP Stop #4: South Padre Island, Texas

If you want a party, South Padre Island will give you a party. This is a great stand up paddle board spot for the younger crowd (but if you don’t mind a fraternity atmosphere, you’ll fit right in). We’re talking wet t-shirt contests and beer funnels, so plan accordingly.

On one of the biggest party islands in the United States is also one of the biggest outdoor bars, and that’s Clayton’s. Keep your eye on their event calendar for concerts like Lil Wayne and Nelly. This might be a list of famous paddle-up bars, but Clayton’s is also one of our favorite concert venues. Does it really get any better than a waterfront concert surrounded by 5,000 of your closest friends? No way padre. (See what we did there?)

If you do love SUP-to-music events, check out this post we wrote on some of our fave events.

SUP Stop #5: Tiki Barge Pool Club & Bar in Baltimore, MD

We bet you didn’t expect a northern state to pop up on this list. Last but certainly not least, head to B’more’s Inner Harbor for a slice of the islands right here in the states. Launch your paddle board from the nearby marina to explore the waters of the Charm City before heading to the Barge.

Park yourself poolside with a piña colada and imagine you’re in Fiji. Hey, maybe Baltimore’s the next best thing to French Polynesia! Call ahead for an all-access pass to the facilities. Towel service, food and drink discounts and swimming pool usage make the pass totally worth it.

Grab the Gear You Need for Sandbar Hopping this Summer

We’re calling it now. #SipandSup will take over this summer, thanks to easy-to-transport paddle boards like iRocker and BLACKFIN. Between launching your board and reaching your destination, there’s sure to be a lot of downtime on the water. Here are a few great ways to make the most of your paddle session:

 Cooler Deck Bag: Hey, you might as well pregame while you paddle to the bars. Stock your high-quality, functional and slick-looking cooler with snacks, beer and water. The iRocker cooler easily straps to the front of your board for fast access when you need it.

 Speaker: One of the smartest accessories we carry is the BLACKFIN waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Suction it to your iRocker for hours of care-free listening between stops.

 Waterproof Smartphone Case: Phones are too expensive these days to risk it. Make the small investment to protect your property while out on the water. Wear the handy lanyard around your neck to use your phone whenever you need it.

Headed out of town this summer for some sand bar hopping? We’re jealous. Be sure to snap some pictures and tag iRocker on Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SipandSUP for a chance to get featured and famous on our social media.