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From lake to river and ocean to creek, these are the stories straight from your community—the stories worth sharing. We’ve traveled the globe to find the most adventurous paddlers to share their tales.

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Ocean Vs Lake Paddle Boarding: Guide on Key Differences

Paddle boarding has become an increasingly popular water sport that can be done on many water surfaces. But can you paddle board in the ocean? Absolutely! While both environments provide an exhilarating paddle boarding experience, there are significant differences between...

Inflatable Vs Hard Paddle Boards: Which is Better?

“Are all paddle boards inflatable?” In fact, there are 2 main types of paddle boards - inflatable and hard board. Selecting between the two depends on various factors. To assist you in making a well-informed decision, Our comprehensive guide compares...

Best 6 Affordable Paddle Boards Under $500 [2024 Update]

Have you ever dreamed of paddling on the peaceful waves but still worried about the cost? Though paddle boarding is a cool way to relax and exercise, the price can make you hesitate and miss the chance to explore the...

Paddle Board Surfing: A Beginner's Guide

Paddle board surfing is a popular water activity blending surfing and paddling. Surfers of all skill levels who love challenging the waves can experience this unique and thrilling sport. Check out our article where we'll delve into whether you can...

What Is Paddle Boarding? Its Benefits, and How to Get Started?

Have you ever dreamed of standing on water? Paddle boarding - officially known as stand-up paddle boarding can make that dream a reality. With this fun water activity, you may glide across a variety of water surfaces, from calm lakes...
United States

Paddling All 50 States with Bob & Nancy Nell

A serendipitous adventure from coast to coast  At every turn, Bob and Nancy Nell’s stand up paddle journey hinges on some happy accident. A chance encounter, a right place, right time moment. You could say that first serendipitous event took...

Paddle Boarding Long Beach, California: 15 Best Spots

Long Beach offers a range of incredible paddle boarding opportunities for both locals seeking new adventures and visitors looking to make the most of their time in this vibrant city. In the following post, you will find the 15 best...

Lady Bird Lake Paddle Boarding: Everything You Need to Know

If you plan for Lady Bird Lake paddle boarding on your next holiday in Austin, TX, take the time to equip yourself with the necessary information before diving into this amazing experience. A deep understanding of the destination benefits everyone,...

Life’s An Adventure

Living it to the fullest with Ed “Cosmo” Reed  When I reach Ed, he’s unsurprisingly out exploring, walking a greenway along a river in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s come here to visit his daughter as well as escape the massive snowstorm...
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