(The Black Fin brand is built stronger than our standard boards, check out the cool rigidity extras that make it a great board to workout on)

Working out has never been so cool, efficient and entertaining! Now, you can enjoy exercising with your BLACKFIN Stand Up Paddle Board like never before. And it is even easier than you might think, and just about as effective as going to the gym or your Yoga/Aerobics class. If you add in the right eating habits it will get you in “Good Looking” shape for the summer.

So, you can forget about the boring treadmill, the metal plates and lifting bars, and put on your shorts so you can work out and have an awesome time. Are wondering what makes working out with our iSUP so great? What types of workout you could design? We have the answers for you.

The BLACKFIN inflatable stand up paddle boards are especially suitable for both light and heavy workouts due to their increased steadiness. With their flat bottom, carbon rail (extra support) great rigidity and superior design, our boards offer a unique performance in water.

But keep in mind, you could also do various exercises using your Black Fin board on the beach or river side. Instead of lying on the sand, or an uneven muddy river bank you can kick back on your board and do:

  • Sit-ups
  • Stretching exercises
  • Back, side and front bends
  • Leg extensions, squats
  • Push-ups
  • And more.

And guess what, you can do all of those and more in the water. Other examples are using your Black Fin board to build muscle:

  • Turning the board sideways and then swimming pushing it forward breaking through the water
  • The same from behind the board
  • Having your girl friend or boy friend on the board while you are pushing it. (they can have a fun time too).
  • Rapping the leash to your leg or waist and swim pulling the board behind you
  • We are sure you can think of numerous ways to exercise using your boards size and length to be creative.

When you stop and think about it just standing up on your BLACKFIN board is challenging in a good way, you exercise the legs and body, much different than walking or jogging.

Now, when the paddling comes into play you get to work your whole upper body out and for the more experienced – adding squats to the paddling will also engage the lower body on a similar level. For best performance and a balanced exercise, be sure to always switch the side on which you are paddling. Also, use different paddling techniques, the most common of which are paddling only to the middle of your board (or from the middle to the end of the board), paddling the whole length of your board or paddling in a “kayak” posture, which means to have one leg kneeled and the other standing in 90 degrees angle whilst paddling.

These were just a few of the working out ideas you could use with your iRocker standard or BLACKFIN boards. Be sure to check our other articles for more on the topic, especially if you are new to it all.

We would appreciate you letting our readers know what kind of exercises your designed. And let them know if it is for the beginner, intermediate or expert SUPer. Fill us in please, use the area below. Thanks