Stand up paddle boarders having fun on iROCKER boards

The thing about almost any sport is that for the newbie, it can feel intimidating or embarrassing to ask important questions. Even seasoned vets can get a little squeamish at the idea of showing a weakness by asking a simple question.

Well, fear not! We’ve been there. Every standup paddleboarder has been there. This is why we have a handy live chat front-and-center on our website — we know you have questions and we want to answer them.

Following are some common questions and answers we get every day on our website. See? You’re not alone.

What is the Best Board for a Newbie Like Me?

Glad you asked! Whatever you’ve heard from SUP experts or SUP junkies online or in person, the simple fact is the right board for a newbie is the board they choose to buy. It might come down to what you can afford, your favorite color or even the closest distributor.

Of course, there are key factors you want to inspect about any board you buy, new or used. As you know, our iROCKER design team is fanatical about building boards that stand up to debris while also providing a sleek look and a stable ride.

But you’re new at SUP so you need a little guidance. If you want to know more about the killer technology that goes into iROCKER boards, we’d love to share our story. Click here for more on that.

Simple answer: Buy the board. You’ll be glad you did.

Do I Really Need an Inflatable Board?

Do you ever leave your home base? Do you dream of SUP trips with loved ones or island-hopping in the Caribbean?

Yes, you need an inflatable iROCKER standup paddleboard.

What’s the Real Difference Between a Hand Pump and an Electric Pump?

About 10 minutes. Now, if you’re into building your biceps or looking to save some bank, go with the ROCKER Dual-action Hand Pump. There’s nothing wrong with that.

However, if you’re more into saving time and getting the most out of your SUP sesh, then we suggest an electric pump. It will save your arms for the water and your precious free time.

How Can I Choose the Right Board?

Simple: which board looks the best? Just kidding, people!

To get the best board for your money, safety and enjoyment, you want to choose an iROCKER. Yes, it sounds like we’re tooting our own horn and in a way, we are. We’ve dedicated years to perfecting stand up paddle board design and we’re proud of it.

We are SUP-ers ourselves, and we are happy to say we have researched, designed and built the very best inflatable stand up paddle boards on the market today.

And we give you choices, from affordable starter packages to full-on board-and-travel packages for the most die-hard SUP enthusiast.

What is the One Thing I Really Need Besides My Board and Paddle?

A hat. You definitely need an iROCKER hat. They look cool and they keep you cool in the hot sun. Here’s my fave.

Whatever iROCKER board you choose is going to be your favorite SUP board ever. So go ahead and chat with us online or check out our killer inventory here. We are ready and waiting to talk SUP with you.

Or, if you’re shy, use the fields below to send us your question. Remember, there’s no such thing as a dumb question!