We know what you’re thinking, you have an idea of what being 50 looks and feels like, and it’s not the strong and gorgeous body of a 20-year-old. Well, that’s true. But it’s also not what it used to be. 50 is the new 40, right?

Thanks to a big population of people over 50, it’s easier than ever to get great information for staying fit at any age. It’s also easier to find friends with the same health and fitness goals.

One of the very best exercise options for people at every age, and especially everyone over 50, is stand up paddle boarding. It’s low-impact, affordable, strength-building and travel-friendly. Plus, you don’t need to be a superstar athlete to SUP in style throughout your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even your 80’s.  In fact, surfing legend Bobby AhChoy paddled until the day he died at 95 years old! (If you don’t know the story of how “Zap,” as he was called, gave SUP its fame, check it out here.)

SUP-ing for seniors is a great way to stay active, get fresh air and remain social. It’s not scary and not risky.

You might be wondering about the challenge of balancing on a floating board. Well, if you’ve ever kept your balance on a moving bus or a bike,

you can balance on an iROCKER. It’s easy to learn and master and if you’re terribly timid, you can sit instead of stand.


The exercise from stand-up paddle boarding is an excellent way to strengthen muscles, reduce fat and prevent bone loss. And though you definitely want to use sunscreen whenever you’re on the water, you’ll still benefit from a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

iSUP is also great for keeping your social life active. It’s a seriously awesome group sport, especially because it’s fun for every level, from green beginner to seasoned master. For single seniors, it’s also a lovely way to spend a date.

Some hard SUP-ing seniors are even making their way into competitive SUP-ing, finding their inner racing athletes on the water. If you’re the competitive type, check your local SUP meetups for races near you.

SUP is also great for anyone recovering from a recent injury or nursing an old one. It’s basically the perfect low-impact cross-training exercise.

Finding Love after 50 on an iROCKER SUP

We’re not just talking love for the sport. (Wink, wink!)

If you’re entering your twilight years without a significant other, you’re probably going to want to take up SUP asap. Trust us on this one. Nothing catches the eye of a possible suitor like the hip look of a gorgeous iROCKER and a super-toned paddler. (Yes, we know from experience.)

Luckily, if you do find someone special, iROCKER can carry both of you and your dog. Talk about a great first date!

Tip: Grab this sleek backpack and keep your iROCKER in your golf cart at all times. It could mean the difference between winning that first date or losing out to that irritating guy always cheating on his golf score.

Check out some of our boards here. They come in several great colors and with a range of features to meet your every need.

Are you over 50 and wondering about the health and social benefits of iSUP? We’re here to help! Use the fields below to ask your questions (or tell your stories). We want you having fun out there and loving your next 50 years!