The entire world is getting antsy from days and weeks of social isolation. We’re working from home, the kids are schooling from home, parks are closed, everything is closed. What’s a modern family to do with all of this togetherness? Take up SUP, that’s what! Family-friendly SUP is the perfect solution for relief from so much social distancing.

If your family is new to SUP, even better. The fun of picking out a new board or two, learning how to get started with your new sport and tackling the challenge together as a family is good for everyone’s health and good for the memory books as well.

So in this post we’re going to offer some tried and true tips for getting your entire family into a healthy new SUP habit that will give them a lifetime of fun and happy family memories.

Get Started Online

Nothing gets kids (and dads and moms and, well, everyone) more excited about a new hobby than shopping for new gear. These days, with most of the shops closed, it’s a better time than ever to shop online.

Make your online shopping fun by making it an all-out family event. Run some product comparisons for color, price and features. You might even get your little resident tech wizard to “Photoshop” each of you onto different boards to pick the perfect board for your body type and just the right color scheme for your skin tone.

If your family is totally new to SUP, start with the all-new NAUTICAL. It’s designed with the beginner in mind, with simple-to-use features, newbie-friendly proportions and the ideal accessories for guaranteeing a fun intro to the wonderful world of SUP.

If your kids are younger and not quite ready for their own boards, check out the iROCKER Big Blue. This board holds the whole family and handles choppy waters with ease. And if you’re thinking you’ll have to do all the paddling while the rest of the family enjoys a leisurely ride, think again. This board comes with two paddles!

Tip: One sure-fire way to guarantee a good first SUP outing is to inflate your boards with anElectric SUP Pump. Trust us on this one!

It’s also a great idea to think ahead about certain must-have accessories. A Cooler Deck Bag might not seem like a must-have when you’re investing in new boards but you’ll be happy you have it when Junior says he’s too hungry to paddle. At just $35, it’s a wise investment into your new family sport.

If budget is an issue, you’re not alone. Fortunately, iROCKER, BLACKFINand NAUTICAL can be financed for as little as zero interest! Shipping is free, too. Yay!

Get the Family Involved in Planning Your SUP Outing

With many beaches and parks closed, picking your paddle spot will take a bit of research and creativity. Make it fun by getting the kids involved in the planning!

Look online for lists of closures. That will narrow your list. After that, take a satellite look at your region with your map app. Encourage the kids to think about things like parking, launching, things to see along the paddle route and of course, where to pick up to-go burgers at the end of the day.

If you can find a safe spot for paddling and a family cookout, even better!

Timing is important, too. If your drive plus paddle time will be an all-day event, manage everyone’s expectations by creating an agenda.

Here are some more tips for fool-proof SUP planning:

  1. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to pack up well before dusk so there’s no chance of trying to manage gear in the dark.
  2. If you need to inflate your boards at your paddle site, give yourself extra time and remember to plan for deflating time at the end of the day.
  3. Have everyone pack a change of clothes so the drive home is warm and cozy.
  4. Pack snacks. We repeat: pack snacks! Drinks, too.

Prepare for a Few Funny Hiccups

Nobody’s first go at anything is pro-perfect. Plan on some wiggles and falls, and make them fun. If you’re a seasoned SUP-er, consider faking a wobble or even a fall to let the newbies in your family see it’s no big deal. Better yet, let them get a good video of you in action!

Be sure to take your time, and encourage everyone in the family to do the same. Taking the time to learn proper technique at the outset will help guarantee maximum fun and minimum falls.

Tip: Give thisinstructional video a watch (or two or three or four) and readthese tips for successful first-time stand up paddle boarding.

Go Paddling and Send Us Your Family SUP Pics

Once you’ve got your boards, gear, snacks and a paddle plan, it’s time to get the family out on the water! Remember, there will be some wobbles and falls. There might even be some tears or groans if the kiddos get hungry or tired.

Turn those frowns upside-down by keeping things fun and light. Take lots of pics and videos so you can remember all the fun you had as a family and send us your faves so we can smile, too.

We’re all in this together, and we’re here for you if you have questions. Reach our team any time on our website or our Facebook page.

Now, go have some SUP fun with your family!