BLACKFIN Technology

Better Than Ever

BLACKFIN is back with a construction and technology revamp, delivering the most durable, reliable and rigid BLACKFIN yet. This customer favorite is constructed with a larger seam overlap bonded down with superior adhesive, creating a more durable inflatable paddle board that can withstand any situation or environment.

Go further & longer.

High-density Drop Stitch construction is what allows an inflatable SUP to maintain its shape when it is inflated to high pressure. Without premium drop stitch, the board will bulge over time and can develop a dragin the water taking the joy out of your adventures. BLACKFIN raw materials is a part of the “secret sauce” that makes our boards better than others.

Military-grade Materials

Traditionally used by the Navy and other branches of the military to make boats extra durable and reliable. We researched, sourced, and adopted this concept in 2018 to ensure maximum durability and create a premium product for our biggest adventurers.

Stable & Secure

The BLACKFIN series is designed and manufactured with stability and safety in mind. Each BLACKFIN board is shaped to ensure stability whether it’s a wider center base and a narrow tail or wide base and a wide tail. These aspects are how we create a superb experience on the water that is safe and reliable no matter what your experience level may be.

Rigid & Reliable

BLACKFIN boards have a built-in carbon rail, that delivers both unparalleled rigidity and stiffness on the water allowing for a higher weight capacity that can hold up to 485lbs. You can paddle with a partner, child, or the family dog without compromising performance. For the outdoorsman, you can pack your SUP with a cooler and gear for all your fishing and camping needs. BLACKFIN is capable of handling more cargo and gear than any inflatable SUP on the market today.


Build your experience with BLACKFIN’s exclusive mounts and gear for fishing. The most loved accessory to add to your BLACKFIN is the Fishing Rack and it is an essential piece of equipment for catching a big fish on a SUP! It holds 2 fishing rods, has a built-in storage tray, and provides a stable base to hang gear from. And you can even customize your bundle with gear that works for your adventure style. Shop and add as you go and receive 30% off all accessories and gear when purchased with your BLACKFIN SUP.

Triple Layer PVC Composite

BLACKFIN offers premium quality construction and rugged durability you can trust beneath your feet. Built with a Triple Layer PVC composite, it allows you to get right up on the sandbar when fighting a fish or to a riverbank to set up camp. BLACKFIN will give you the best chance to remain intact when gliding over tree roots and keep you safe while you adventure.  




A premium on the water experience.