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iROCKER SPORT 11′ x 31″

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About this Paddle Board

The iROCKER 11′ SPORT performs great in calm water and surfing water conditions and is suitable for beginners who are quick learners or those who already possess intermediate skill levels. The 31″ of width and narrow tail reduces drag to a minimum while still maintaining a stable ride. The SPORT boards are our quickest boards and quite possibly one of the fastest iSUP designs on the market.







Tail Width



25 lbs
Stability 60
Manueverability 100
Speed 100
Surf 70


What’s New:

  • NEW technology for 2020, iRocker now uses a Triple Layer Composite PVC in the construction of our boards. Designed to be just as strong as our Quad Layer construction, but 20% lighter in board weight, allowing for easier transport and mobility.
  • Four NEW Multi-Use Action Mounts making a total of seventeen Action Mounts! Multi-Use Action Mounts are placed in the best locations on the board for you to use your cameras, speakers, fishing rod holders and more!
  • NEW larger deck pad and NEW larger rear cargo storage.
    iROCKER boards now have a NEW front grab handle
  • The iROCKER paddle has been upgraded to a NEW carbon blend shaft paddle making it lighter and stronger than its preceding fiberglass paddle.
  • iROCKER backpacks are equipped with NEW pockets and extra bungee and Velcro storage. Also NEW this year is the option to buy an attachable wheel tray to make your backpack even easier to transport!

COMFORT: Extra comfy, logo branded,EVO deck pad- keeps your feet from getting sore and can double as a yoga mat!

DURABLITY:We’ve found the strongest and lightest construction available. iROCKER now uses a Triple Layer Composite PVC construction making the boards 20% lighter while remaining just as durable. A fully inflated iROCKER Sport at 15 PSI can hold up to 385 lbs.

PORTABLE: Everyone loves to travel, especially with a paddle board. Deflate your iSUP and easily roll it up into the backpack for easy travel by plane, train, and automobile. Backpack equipped with adjustable straps, cushioned waist support and cushioned back support make transportation easy comfortable. Built with quality materials the bag does a great job of keeping your board and gear together while protecting the board from outside elements.

What's in the Sport 11' Paddle Board Box:

Versatile and Comfortable Wheel Compatible Backpack

Twin Chamber Hand Pump 100% Faster

Carbon Blend Ultralight Adjustable Travel Paddle

4 Multi Use Action Mounts

20 D-Rings for Gear Storage, Attachments, and Towing

3 Flip Lock Fins for Various Conditions

10' Coil Ankle Leash with Key Pocket

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