Welcome to iROCKER, the premiere outdoor sports and lifestyle brand specializing in inflatable paddle boards. In addition to providing top quality products and best-in-class customer service, our culture emphasizes community, reliability, and environmental protection.


Inclusivity is our main focus in our community, creating products for people of all cultures, weights, budget restrictions and skill levels. This goes for our internal community as well. We have a diverse group of hard-working individuals that come from different backgrounds, cultures, and skill levels. This helps us develop strategies and products where there is something for everyone and how we can target specific people.


Our team works on gathering feedback from our customers through reviews, outreach, and ambassadors to develop and create the best in-class gear. We honor the pursuit of perfection and a never-quit attitude. Through innovation with a talented group of individuals, we make reliable and durable gear that goes the extra mile and stands the test of time. 

Environmental Protection

The water is home to wildlife, and we must protect it. We are committed to keeping waterways clean implementing sustainable practices on and off the water. Our internal team participates in local paddle boarding trips to learn about our local environments and what we can do to help. Our team is always learning effective ways to leave nothing but the wake in the water. As a watersports brand it is our duty to learn, educate and implement sustainable practices within our community.