Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter
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G’day mate….. I’m Scott and I am stoked to be part of the iRocker family. I come from an island called Tasmania in the land Down Under, Australia… I am a full time Firefighter and also run my own little Drone business called Greenroom Motion. When I’m not at work you’ll find me outdoors adventuring, while capturing it all on my GoPro and Drone. I love camping, snowboarding, mountain biking and anything that gets me in the water. My board of choice has always been the Blackfin XL, but now I'm a huge fan of the Ultra. It’s the perfect size for one or even the two of us to get out and explore and so easy to carry. If you would like to see more of Down Under and our SUP adventures, you can follow me on Instagram @ozgreenroom - And feel free to drop me a DM if you want to know more about my Blackfin XL, Ultra or if Kangaroo’s hop down the streets in Australia ! 

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