Rosalie Hamelin

Rosalie Hamelin
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My name is Rosalie and I’m honoured to be part of the iRocker ambassador team. I am French-speaking from Quebec (Canada) and I am the founder and creative director of the advertising agency, Studio Pink.

I have always been a water and board sports lover such as snowboard during winter, wakeboard during summer, and of course, I got caught by the SUP virus in 2018 ! Since then, I'm proudly spreading the disease around me to many people !

I'm in love with my sexy Blackfin Model X Berry Pink board, who, with all his accessories and its versatility, also allows me to go on paddle camping trips. I truly believe SUP is the ideal sport because it allows staying active as well as giving the opportunity to rest and refresh yourself. It also gives you the chance to discover and enjoy nature from new perspectives, easily and independently.

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I love to explore new places on the lakes and rivers of Quebec, but also during my travels. My 2 favourite places for paddle boarding so far are the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario for its exceptionally pure water and its wrecks and more recently, my discovery of the canyons in Arizona. Exploring the canyons on the water... there are just no words to describe the feeling!

In a few words, I just LOVE how being on the water gives good resourcing and a perfect dose of energy!

Looking forward to meeting you on the water!


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