Introducing the

Inflatable Kayak by iROCKER™

Take a front row seat to adventure like never before.


Our First-Ever.
Your One & Only.

Go from one adventure to the next in seated comfort with our first-ever inflatable kayak. Thoughtfully designed to provide stability, durability, and ease of use, this versatile kayak is the perfect addition to your fleet. With paddle in hand, the world is your oyster.

Versatile by Design

With 6 multi-use action mounts, 2 mini action mounts, and 2 fishing rack mounts, the inflatable kayak is ready for whatever adventure you have in mind. Attach your favorite accessories such as coolers and speakers for a fun day of cruising, or turn your kayak into a veritable fishing vessel and get ready to reel in your next catch.

Portable Convenience

Unlike hard shell kayaks, the Inflatable Kayak by iROCKER™ offers the lightweight convenience of an inflatable SUP in kayak form. Simply inflate the kayak when adventure calls, and deflate the kayak for quick and easy storage in the included wheeled kayak bag. Convenience is the name of the game.

Rigid & Reliable

Designed to perform like a hard shell kayak, this rugged vessel takes bumps and bruises like a champ. And elevated edges help to keep you dry along the journey.

Double the Fun

The Inflatable Kayak by iROCKER™ comes with an inflatable kayak seat and 3-piece kayak paddle. Want to share the adventure? The kayak was designed with ample room to add a second seat for a tandem set-up. Simply add a second seat and kayak paddle to your cart and get ready to venture out with a friend!


The World At Your Own Pace.

Whether you opt for a heart-pumping, arm-crushing paddle session into the wind and against the current, or drift lazily among the marsh grass spotting ospreys and chasing minnows, a kayak provides your all-access pass to the life you want to live on the water. The kayak is iROCKER, but the way you paddle it is up to you.



Inflatable Kayak by iROCKER™

Made to Paddle.

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