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Discover the best waterways, save your favorite spots or record a session with the new Blue Adventures app for IOS and Android!

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Discover the best local locations or explore the globe.

Browse an ever-growing database of stand-up paddle boarding locations in your local area and around the globe. Expand your paddle boarding horizons without hesitation due to unfamiliarity with locations. Blue Adventures is designed to assist you in uncovering fresh spots, encountering wildlife, and offering essential information to enhance your exploration. 

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Record your sessions.

Keep a log of your memorable journeys—whether that involves sharing with family and friends, monitoring your health and fitness progress, or preparing for a long-distance touring paddle board race. With Blue Adventures, you can easily track your time and distance while paddle boarding. 

Record your sessions

Add, upload, and share your hotspots.

Capture photos of your favorite SUP spots as well as new locales to give others a good idea of the location's features.

Leave a review of your favorite or recently visited SUP spot for others in the community to discover. The more you share, the more it will assist a fellow paddler in enjoying the same location! 

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A great travel companion!

“I love having the ability to save and review locations so I can go back and decide where I want to paddle next! It's the ultimate SUP bucket list.”

- Katy W.

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Great for fishing too

“Great for finding awesome paddle board locations. I also use it specifically for finding fishing spots that are easy to launch my SUP from.”

- Tyler B.


The reviews make it easy

“Love this app for the reviews. 
I am able to find the best locations in my area with all the things I'm looking for in a paddle session.”

- Jane B.

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