NAUTICAL GO CRUISER 10'6" Inflatable Paddle Board

With an all-new lightweight design, it's everything you need—and nothing you don't—to hit the water and unlock adventure.

NAUTICAL GO CRUISER Inflatable Paddle Board
NAUTICAL GO CRUISER Inflatable Paddle Board
NAUTICAL GO CRUISER Inflatable Paddle Board
NAUTICAL GO CRUISER Inflatable Paddle Board


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Product Highlights


  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


  • Stability

  • Speed


  • Solo

  • Small + Cargo

  • Tandem

Weight Capacity

  • Light

  • Medium

  • Plus Size

Features: Economical, lightweight, yoga, cruising with your pet or small children.

Performance: Built for all skill levels, this highly stable beginner's board feeds your adventurous side. Stand up with ease and try some SUP yoga on this extra-wide board. New streamlined design is ready to go anywhere. 

Suitable for:

  • Lake, ocean, river on calm days.
  • Salt and freshwater.


The NAUTICAL GO CRUISER inflatable SUP takes affordable adventure to an all-new level with an emphasis on stability.

With a 34"/86cm width to keep you steady on the water, this SUP board streamlined design allows for convenient storage off the water, so you're ready to go just about anywhere.

General Manufacture Warranty - 1 Year
Accessory Warranty: 1 Year

PLEASE NOTE: Safety on the water is of the utmost importance and we strongly encourage you to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) while on your board. PFD requirements vary by state. Please refer to the United States Coast Guard for regulations specific to your area. 

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Build Your Experience

Build Your Experience
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The NAUTICAL GO CRUISER is the wider, more stable cousin of the brand's NAUTICAL GO TEN-SIX board. And it stands out on the water with eye-catching colors and a modern, simple design. Perfect for entry-level paddlers, this board has been crafted with comfort and ease of use in mind. A lightweight base allows you to glide through the water at pace, while the 34" width keeps you steady and the 275lbs. weight capacity ensures you'll fit plenty of gear and even a four-legged friend on board.

Man and woman paddling on their boards in a marshy creek.

Quality, Durability, & Features.

Take an affordable adventure like never before with the all-new NAUTICAL GO inflatable paddle boards. Streamlined to deliver everything you need and nothing you don't to get on the water and unlock adventure, this best-selling line delivers convenient transport in a lightweight package that's ready to go with you anywhere. Ideal for solo paddlers, these lightweight yet durable boards deliver serious fun on the water, compatible with a wide range of gear and accessories.

Learn more about why inflatable SUPs make adventure better.

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With an all-new lightweight design, meet the NAUTICAL GO CRUISER. This 10'6"/3.2m long and 34"/86cm wide entry-level SUP provides access to adventure at an affordable price—all without compromising on quality and design.

Coil Leash with Key Stash Spot

Coil Leash with Key Stash Spot

Ensure your board never strays far while out on the water.
Leash Length/Weight: 10'/0.6 lbs. or 3m/0.2kg

Tethered Twin Fin Setup

Tethered Twin Fin Setup

Longer fins offer better tracking and stability. The new tether system ensures fins do not get lost.
Fins: 2 x 9"/22cm Tethered Flip Lock Fins

OPTIONAL NAUTICAL 5-Piece Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle or Upgrade to the Paddle of Your Choice

OPTIONAL NAUTICAL 5-Piece Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle or Upgrade to the Paddle of Your Choice

The NAUTICAL 5-Piece Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle is great for traveling and storage, breaking down easily to fit neatly into your backpack for day trips and even flights.
Paddle Length/Weight: 72" - 86"/ 2 lbs. or 183cm - 218cm / 0.8kg
Paddle Composition: Fiberglass Paddle, Nylon Blade

*PLEASE NOTE: Slight variations in appearance are possible. Colors may not appear exactly as they do on screen. Paddle prints may vary. Variations are aesthetic in nature only, function remains the same.

OPTIONAL Compact Travel Manual Pump or Upgrade to the Pump of Your Choice

OPTIONAL Compact Travel Manual Pump or Upgrade to the Pump of Your Choice

Compact Travel Manual Pump
Inflate your adventure essentials on the go with the all-new Compact Travel Manual Pump. Redesigned to be shorter than your typical SUP hand pump, this single-chamber, dual-action hand pump features removable handles and a removable foot piece, so it fits in your backpack with ease.
Dimensions/Weight: 17.75" x 8.75" x 4.5"/1 lbs. or 45cm x 22xm x 11cm/0.4kg

Electric Pump
Lightweight and compact, the iROCKER 12V Electric Pump inflates your SUP in 12 minutes or less and will deflate as well. Complete with a convenient carry handle and cord storage compartment, it easily fits into the Accessory Pouch. To use, just set the electronic pressure gauge on AUTO to your desired PSI (15 PSI recommended) and press start; once that PSI is reached, the pump will stop automatically and you can enjoy the ride, hassle free.
Connects via cigarette lighter or alligator clips directly to a 12V battery (12V battery not included*). You can also purchase the iROCKER Electric Pump Battery for inflating on the go!
E-Pump Dimension: 7" x 8.5" x 4" or 18cm x 22cm x 10cm

OPTIONAL Carry Strap

OPTIONAL Carry Strap

With an adjustable design and padded shoulder strap, the Universal Paddle Board Carry Strap allows you to tote your deflated paddle board with ease and comfort—perfect for quick trips down to the water.

Max. Length 61 inches/155cm Min. Length 47 inches/119cm


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