I love this board, my kids and I have had such a good time the last few days. Today I tried the kayak seat to paddle 5km in wind and it was awesome. Then took the kids out 4 an 6 later in the evening and they both can now paddle it. My 4 year old stands up as does my 6 year old. I cannot say how much I love this board. So happy from New Zealand. You guys need to sell it here because it is the best!!!!!

I can’t tell you enough how happy I am with my board, I am going to get some great shots for you soon, just waiting on some perfect spot and weather happening at the same time. I wanted to share this one with you though because it shows how great your board is, we can get the whole family on it and paddle out wherever we want (even though with the kids its a bit hard to stand as they think its funny to wobble it!) but combined weight of 429lbs 195kgs! and it still floats and moves great. This has been the best purchase of my life. Just about every evening I have gone out for a paddle with the kids and we just love it.

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Welcome to iROCKER SUP

Welcome to iROCKER SUP
Welcome to iROCKER SUP
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