How Do I Inflate My iRocker Board?

Fasten theair hose to thepressure gauge on the pump. Locate the air valve on thetail section of the board deck. Open thevalve cover. Make sure the inner valve is disengaged in the “UP” position. Connect theair hose tothe air valve. Inflate theboard to 14-15 psi. Disconnect theair hose from the valve. The inner valve will prevent air from escaping when disengaged in the “UP” position. Close thevalve cover.

Generally the pressure gauge will start to register a pressure reading at 7 PSI’s/ afterabout 100-120 pumps. The board should take about 160-180 pumps to achieve15 PSI. To start pumping make sure the high capacity screw is in place on thepump. At approximately 100 pumps the handle will become more difficult tolift up, at this point remove the high capacity screw on the pump and continuepumping until 15 PSI is registering on the gauge.