Boost Fin + Fin Adapter Bundle

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Boost your next SUP session with the power and speed of the Boost Motorized Fin! With a top speed of 10mph, 20lbs. of thrust, and up to 100 minutes of power, this motorized fin allows you to adventure further for longer, so you can explore with confidence and ease regardless of the wind or current.

  • SUP Assistance Mode lasts up to 100 minutes
  • Trolling Mode lasts up to 70 minutes
  • Wind/Current Resistance Mode lasts up to 40 minutes
  • Flip Lock Adapter for quick, easy installation in 5 minutes
  • Remote control allows for adjustable speed
  • Shock-resistant
  • Designed to reduce drag and resistance
  • *Adult Supervision Required when used with Nautical Kids Boards
  • Compatible with inflatable flip lock fin box and hardboard US center fin box ONLY (not compatible with ULTRA™ twin fin setup)
  • US fin box does NOT require included adapter. Flip lock fin box DOES require the use of the included adapter.

Weight: 2.7lbs
Dimensions: 10.5”x9”x3.5”
Maximum Thrust: 20lbs.
Speed: Up to 10mph
Buoyancy: -0.7lbs
Battery Type: Li-ion 3500 mAh, 24 V, 84 Wh
Power: Up to 800 W
Remote: 433 mhz

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Boost fin on a paddle board

Put Some Power Behind Your Paddle

Why use a motorized fin? Whether you're looking to explore undiscovered locales, troll for hours with your fishing rod, or just get home with ease after a long day on the water, the Boost Fin has your back. Especially handy against strong winds and currents, this innovative accessory will transform your SUP sessions with speed and power.

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