12 Best Locations for Stand Up Paddle Boarding Perth

12 Best Locations for Stand Up Paddle Boarding Perth

Paddle boarding Perth offers an exhilarating blend of adventure and tranquility, making it a must-try for water sports enthusiasts. Nestled in the heart of Western Australia, Perth provides an array of idyllic locations for stand up paddle boarding, from serene rivers to crystal-clear ocean waters. Whether you're a seasoned paddler or a beginner eager to learn, the diverse spots around Perth cater to every skill level. Embrace the unique experience of gliding over the water, taking in the scenic views and the vibrant marine life this coastal city offers.

1. Cottesloe Beach 

Cottesloe Beach is a tranquil and picturesque destination for tourists and SUP enthusiasts. Its clear waters make it perfect for beginners to learn and leisurely paddle around. Although not having the largest swells in Perth, it's still considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Located in Western Australia's Cottesloe suburb, the beach stretches 1.5 km along the coast, with North Cottesloe Beach to the north and Mosman Park Beach to the south.

1. Cottesloe Beach
  • Launch Point: The main access point to Cottesloe Beach is in front of the iconic Indiana Tea House.
  • Type of Water: Relatively calm waters ideal for learning and leisurely paddling.
  • Skill Level: Perfect for newcomers to SUP.
  • Rental Options: Perth Stand Up Paddle School offers rentals 24/7.
  • Note:
    • Look for the big silver ball sculpture, called Lucky Country, if you're unsure which direction to take.
    • If you're planning to get there via public transport, the easiest way is by catching the Fremantle Line train from Perth City Station.
    • You can get off at Cottesloe Station and walk for about 20 minutes along Forrest Street until you reach the beach.

2. Swan River

The Swan River is another popular stand up paddling spot in Perth, known for its calm waters and vibrant SUP community. Starting your paddling session from Garrat Road Ridge Park, you'll have the opportunity to explore the stunning natural beauty along the river. Frequent sightings of dolphins add to the experience.

2. Swan River
  • Launch Point: Start at Garrat Road Ridge Park and explore the breathtaking scenery.
  • Type of Water: Calm waters of Swan River, suitable for paddlers with some experience.
  • Skill Level: Intermediate paddlers will enjoy the experience.
  • Rental Options: PUPS on SUPS provides rental services.
  • Note: Keep an eye out for dolphins as you paddle along and enjoy the serene landscape of Perth.

3. Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach is a perfect paddling hub and transforms into a nightlife sensation for local residents, making it one of Perth's liveliest spots after sunset. This long, sandy stretch of beach is a haven for surfing and stand up paddling. This is a vibrant spot for SUP in Perth, offering a blend of surf culture and nightlife.

3. Scarborough Beach
  • Launch Point: Head to the Brighton Road car park for an all-out paddling session.
  • Type of Water: Lively beach with relatively small waves, perfect for surfers and SUP enthusiasts.
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced due to waves.
  • Rental Options: SUP Central Matilda Bay offers rentals.

4. Rottnest Island

West of Perth lies Rottnest Island, a captivating destination for stand up paddle boarding Perth enthusiasts. This island in the Indian Ocean features more than 20 bays and offers a serene retreat from the bustling city life. Perfect for both lone SUPers and those seeking a tranquil paddle boarding Perth experience, Rottnest Island invites you to explore its pristine waters and natural beauty.

4. Rottnest Island
  • Launch Point: Explore the island's shipwrecks and coral reefs.
  • Type of Water: Peaceful and scenic waters around the island.
  • Skill Level: Suitable for all levels of paddlers.
  • Rental Options: Stand Up Surf Shop provides rentals.
  • Note:
    • You should explore the island's shipwrecks and coral reefs.
    • Don't be surprised to encounter quokkas as you paddle around the island.

5. Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is a protected marine park located in Western Australia and stretches from the northern point of the Garden Island Causeway to the southern point of Becher Point. The park is located offshore from the suburban locality of Shoalwater.

5. Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Paddle through Shoalwater Islands Marine Park for a chance to see Australian wildlife on and off the waters. Observe penguins, seals, sea lions, and pelicans while taking in the rugged limestone terrains up to 1 km offshore. The area's beauty and diversity are captivating.

  • Launch Point:
    • You can launch your boat for fishing or crabbing after checking the zoning maps in the park brochure. Wind and kite surfing is great when the wind picks up.
    • The marine park's weather varies by season, time, and location. Average temperature: 18°C-31°C (summer) and 9°C-18°C (winter). Prevailing winds are southwesterly/southerly, especially in the afternoon.
  • Type of Water: Most of Shoalwater Islands Marine Park's water is saltwater from the Indian Ocean. Some areas have brackish water, from freshwater mixing with saltwater near the shore or in shallow bays. Brackish water can have varying levels of salinity.
  • Skill Level: All skill levels can enjoy this unique experience.
  • Rental Options: Rockingham Kayak & SUP Hire for your rental needs.
  • Note: Diverse waters with wildlife encounters. You might paddle among penguins, seals, sea lions, and pelicans.

6. Fremantle

Located in Western Australia, Fremantle is a historic spot loved by water sports enthusiasts and it is an ideal place for a family mini-vacation. The colonial architecture, along with its Cappuccino Strip, adds charm to your paddle boarding adventure. Fremantle offers gentle breaks, making it a relatively accommodating spot for beginners and intermediate SUPers. Inquire about Perth paddle boarding sessions at the Surf Life Saving Club.

6. Fremantle
  • Launch Point: Rockingham Beach, which is just 30 minutes from Fremantle.
  • Type of Water: The waters in these areas are often calm and flat.
  • Skill Level: Ideal for beginners and intermediate paddlers.

7. Matilda Bay

Matilda Bay provides a serene environment for paddle boarding, protected from strong winds, and perfect for beginners. It's known for its scenic beauty and is an excellent choice for those seeking calm waters for a leisurely paddle. The four kilometers of river frontage include parks, reserves, man-made beaches, and sensational cityscapes across the Swan River. A peaceful bay with tree-lined shores, providing shelter from the wind for stand up paddle boarding Perth.

7. Matilda Bay
  • Launch Point: The most regular hire location for paddle boarding is Matilda Bay, at the Hackett Drive car park, Crawley, WA.
  • Type of Water: The waters in Matilda Bay are often calm and flat, making them ideal for stand-up paddle boarding.
  • Skill Level: Stand-up paddle boarding at Matilda Bay is suitable for all skill levels. Lessons are available for beginners and those wanting to improve their skills.
  • Note: Always remember to check the local weather and water conditions before you go out for paddle boarding. Safety should be your top priority.

8. Point Walter

Point Walter, accessible via Bicton Baths, offers a picturesque bay with calm waters, ideal for beginners. While conditions can vary, this location is beginner-friendly on calm days. It's a perfect spot for a leisurely paddle, and there are rental facilities nearby for your convenience. This offers a unique paddling experience, with challenging conditions when the 'Freo doctor' wind blows. Secluded bays for peaceful paddling.

8. Point Walter
  • Launch Point: Launch at Bicton Baths and head to Point Walter.
  • Type of Water: Protected bay with some challenges.
  • Skill Level: Beginner-friendly in calm conditions.
  • Rental Options: Rental facilities nearby.

9. Shelley Foreshore

The Shelley Foreshore along the Canning River is a tranquil location for stand up paddle boarding. Beginners will appreciate the calm, flat waters in the bay northeast of the jetty. Intermediate and advanced paddlers can enjoy an enjoyable challenge on the return trip to Canning Bridge.

9. Shelley Foreshore
  • Launch Point: Paddle in the tranquil waters of the Canning River.
  • Type of Water: Ideal for beginners with calm, flat waters.
  • Skill Level: Suitable for newcomers.
  • Rental Options: Look for nearby rental providers.
  • Note: Keep an eye out for dolphins as this is one of their favourite spots, too!

10. Woodman Point

Woodman Point offers a scenic location for paddle boarding with diverse conditions to explore. Known for its diverse marine life and excellent conditions for standup paddle board Perth. This place offers both calm waters and areas with more challenging conditions.

10. Woodman Point
  • Launch Point: Explore this scenic location for a diverse paddling experience.
  • Type of Water: The conditions here vary, making it suitable for paddlers of different skill levels.
  • Skill Level: Suitable for various skill levels.

11. Rockingham Beach

Rockingham Beach is a picturesque location in Perth, Western Australia, known for its versatility in accommodating stand up paddle boards Perth enthusiasts. This beach is perfect for paddle boarders of all skill levels and offers a versatile paddle boarding experience. You can explore rental options nearby for your convenience.

11. Rockingham Beach
  • Launch Point: Rockingham Foreshore. Another recommended spot is Palm Beach, just a quick skip to the north of Shoalwater Beach.
  • Type of Water: The waters at Rockingham Beach are often calm and sheltered, making them ideal for stand-up paddle boarding.
  • Skill Level: Stand-up paddle boarding at Rockingham Beach is suitable for all skill levels.
  • Note: Always check the local weather and water conditions before you go out for paddle boarding.

12. Lake Leschenaultia

Lake Leschenaultia in Chidlow, Perth, Western Australia is a perfect location for paddle boarding. Its calm and serene waters make it an ideal choice for beginners who are looking for a relaxing paddle. The lake's tranquillity provides a fantastic spot to unwind and enjoy nature's beauty. Don't forget to check for rental facilities around the lake before heading out.

12. Lake Leschenaultia
  • Launch Point: The most regular hire location for paddle boarding is at the Hackett Drive car park, Crawley, WA. However, if you’re looking specifically at Lake Leschenaultia, you might want to consider the white sandy beaches.
  • Type of Water: Calm and flat, making them ideal for stand-up paddle boarding.
  • Skill Level: Stand-up paddle boarding at Lake Leschenaultia is suitable for all skill levels.

Wrap Up on Paddle Boarding Perth

With these 12 amazing locations for stand up paddle boarding Perth, you're spoiled for choice. Whether you seek calm waters for a leisurely paddle or exciting waves for a thrilling ride, Perth has it all. Enjoy the scenic beauty, wildlife encounters, and the joy of paddle boarding in Perth's diverse waterways. Read more at iROCKER. Happy paddling!

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