iROCKER Waterproof Backpack front
iROCKER Waterproof Backpack side view
iROCKER Waterproof Backpack back view
iROCKER Waterproof Backpack close up of the irocker logo
iROCKER Waterproof Backpack inside view
$97.49 $129.99
Outdoors anything can happen. Prepare for changes in the weather and the standard splashes that come from adventures on the water. The spacious waterproof backpack allows you to fit your paddleboarding essentials so clothing, towels, and sunglasses stay dry and free from sand – and the convenient front zipper creates easy access for smaller items such as your phone. Nothing gets wet when you venture with this waterproof backpack.

Versatile: This waterproof backpack is perfect for paddleboarding, kayaking, boating, or any other water sport.

Spacious size: The generous size makes fitting all the essentials possible, while multiple zips and compartments make storage and access simple.

Comfortable: Soft but sturdy straps mean this backpack is easy to carry on long journeys or nearby adventures.
Dimensions: 20" H x 14" W x 7" D

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