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4 Awesome East Coast Spots To SUP Over Memorial Day

When you are talking about finding ways to explore new places over Memorial Day weekend, ditch your car and go for a paddle board instead. Whether you are looking for some relaxing scenery, some incredible waves, a place to do some yoga, or something entirely different, paddle boards can bring you there. There are quite […]

The Best Places in the World for Standup Paddleboarding

Traditional standup paddleboarding usually required you to take that board and strap it to the top of your car to get it anywhere that you wanted it to go. Trying to take it with you to a different country, a different part of the world, would be nearly impossible. This is why you need an […]

5 Tips For Picking The Best SUP

The standup paddle boards scene has exploded in the past decade or so and the reason is pretty simple – standup paddle boards are a whole new way to embrace the environment and being on water. The interest is continuously growing and many people now want to try standup paddleboarding for themselves. What should you […]

The History of Standup Paddleboarding

Stand up paddle boards are far from a brand new thing. You see them being used for all sorts of activities – leisure rides, exercising, competitive sports, etc. Where did this new way of exploring the water actually come from though? Dating Thousands of Years Ago The first stand up paddle boards were seen thousands […]

4 Signs You Bought A Quality Inflatable Paddleboard

Making an investment in anything that you plan to take onto the water should require a decent amount of thinking and analysis. If we all just went out and bought the first surfboard that we saw or the first boat that we laid our eyes on, chances are that not all of those purchases are […]