Why you should travel from coast to coast with your iSUP this summer. Before the creation of iRocker and its inflatable stand up paddle board counterparts, traveling around the globe with your favorite SUP was strenuous and expensive. From the swell-heavy coasts of California to the powder white beaches of Brazil, there’s no better way […]


yoga in stand up paddle boards

    We think SUP yoga is so great, we wrote two blogs about it! In the first part of this blog series, we walked you through a few simple, basic yoga poses to get you started. Since you’ve already mastered those three positions, here are a few more challenging moves to try out on […]

Use Your iSUP to do Six Killer Exercises to Burn Calories

yoga on sup

  Stand-up paddle boarding isn’t just a niche reserved for small pockets of beach towns; it’s a popular sport that sweeps across the globe. SUP equipment and techniques constantly evolve, and the latest craze is performing a fitness routine while out on the water. You think squats are hard now? Try reaching a full-squat position […]

iSUP on Spring Break? We have the Best Spots to Take Your Board, Travel iRocker Style

Your iSUP and Spring Break, Ahhhh… Whether you’re enjoying a week off from classes or your kids don’t have school, the time has arrived to pack your bags and pick a place on the map. In our opinion, there’s no better way to enjoy your hiatus than with your iRocker. From South America to the […]

Best Gear for Cold Weather Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Whether you are catching waves under the summer sun or exploring a frigid lake in the middle of the winter, SUPing in any season is the beauty of the sport! But one thing’s for sure, if you don’t have the right SUP gear, your winter SUP sesh is going to be miserable. Staying warm on […]

iRocker vs. The Competition

We have some tough competition, but there’s a reason we’ve won the award as one of the best inflatable SUPs of 2016. It all comes down to how iRockers are built, how they ride, how long they last and what our customers have to say. People consistently choose iRocker over our hard board and inflatable […]

What NOT to do with Your Inflatable SUP

irocker paddle boards

Our paddle boards are our babies, and that’s exactly how they should be treated. Even though iRockers are just as durable and rugged as hard SUPs, it doesn’t mean they don’t require a little TLC. With proper maintenance and the right amount of love, your iSUP can keep up with you for years and years! […]

5 Best Places to iSUP in the Northeast

The Northeastern portion of the United States is full of great seafood, awesome people and chilly water. If you and your iSUP are venturing into the Northern waters, there are some awesome SUP spots that you just can’t miss. Whether it’s the big city scene in New York, or a relaxed, breezy afternoon in the […]

Should I Buy a Used Inflatable Paddle Board?

Inflatable stand up paddle board

If you’re looking into buying a used iSUP, it’s probably because you’re trying to save some money. We don’t blame you! Even though we own a paddle board company, we’re gonna give you the truth on used boards. Going the used route can work out, if you’re smart about it. It’s much riskier, you won’t […]

How Stand Up Paddle Boarding Benefits Your Health

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

  Paddle boarding has completely dominated the fitness world for a few years now, and there are a billion reasons why. Most people stand up paddle board to explore and relax, but they also burn some serious calories in the process. It’s easy to learn, an awesome group activity, and can be done around the […]