5 reasons why you should paddleboard

Is stand up paddle boarding fun? Is it something that I will have a good time doing or will it just feel like a whole lot of effort?
Both questions that are asked often enough, we can’t imagine how it couldn’t be fun! However, we’re a driven team of SUP lovers, we love it rain,hail or shine. It’s understandable some others may not see it like we do, so let us fill you in on some reasons why it is such a great sport!

You will connect with nature

Most people know spending time in nature has huge health benefits, whether it’s through intuition or first hand experience, however, those who may remain skeptic may you be swindled by science! There are studies linking benefits of time in nature to lower cortisol levels and helping recover the nervous system. Paddle boarding is your intravenous for nature, especially if you have an area you can paddle into where you lose sight of anything man made.

Easily enjoyed by everyone

We find taking a group of newbies out to be the most fun ever! To watch people’s confidence soar as they realise how accessible paddle boarding is. It doesn’t take long at all to get the basics down pat, making it a hobby that can be enjoyed by all types of people with all different skill levels. For some people who haven’t felt confident enough in taking themselves on outdoor adventures, paddle boarding can be the perfect gateway to building that confidence.

Fun fitness

While some people get into paddle boarding for fitness alone, many of us just enjoy the cruising of waters. Fitness is a wonderful by product of having SUPing as a hobby. Imagine you aren’t even thinking about it as exercise and just enjoying yourself, what a wonderful way to keep in shape! You can follow the journey of what 1 year of SUP training looks like for a man and woman in this study. It breaks down the improvements in both physical and mental wellbeing.

You can tailor it to what you enjoy doing!

Paddle boarding can be an extremely versatile hobby. There are several types of boards, which all can take you to different places. Touring boards built for day, overnight and multi night adventures, sporty boards built for surf and rapids and the all-around cruisers to get you doing a little bit of everything. Not only that but now there are loads of SUP activities. SUP fishing, yoga or even just SUP picnics! Paddling into a picnic spot can be a great way to connect with friends or perhaps take a date! 😉

You will make new friends!

Paddle boarding is one way to connect with community. You don’t need anything more in common than a love for paddling out on the water! It’s a very inclusive and diverse community so it’s easy to feel at home right away. It’s fun meeting new people this way but also gives us something to feel a part of which is vital to our mental well being. Most people while on the water will greet you but there is also almost certainly a paddle meet up group in your area if you live near water. Facebook is a great place to find these groups.