How Many Calories Does a Person Burn While Stand Up Paddling?

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Who’s looking to burn some calories? Who isn’t, right? Everyone knows year-end celebrations can lead to new year love handles. But don’t worry because there’s a solution to that and it’s called stand up paddle boarding. It’s fun, ideal for cross-training, and gentle on joints. You might be wondering how many calories a person burns while stand up paddle boarding. Short answer: about 300. Long answer: up to 750 or more.
Depending on the type of stand up paddling you’re up for and how many calories you want to burn will determine your results. Read on for ideas and tips on different approaches to burning calories while stand up paddling

Burn 300 Calories with Gentle Recreational Paddling

If you’re a stand up paddle board newbie, recovering from a recent injury or surgery, or simply want to take it easy on your paddle board, you’re still going to burn some calories. Serious calories!
On the low end, a gentle paddle session will burn approximately 300 calories in an hour of stand up paddling. Paddle a little harder, incorporate rapids or try on-board exercises, and you could burn even more.
It’s a healthy calorie burn, too. Stand up paddle boarding works all parts of your body:

  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Core
  • Glutes
  • Legs
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Balancing on water contributes to the calorie burn, too. If you get the balancing act down quickly (most people do), you can focus on long, deep paddle strokes and burn up to 500 calories in an hour of gentle stand up paddle boarding.
Of course, this doesn’t take into consideration carrying your board on a walk or bike ride to the water. If you really want to shed some holiday weight, think about walking instead of driving to your stand up paddling session.
You’ll want an iROCKER carry strap to make the walk or ride worry-free. Get one here if you don’t already have one.

Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding Beats the Gym

One of the greatest health benefits of stand up paddle boarding is the full body workout. There are other benefits, like enjoying the great outdoors and protecting joints and muscles from stress. There are serious meditative mind benefits as well. But one of our favorite things about stand up paddle boarding is the full body benefit.
Any type of body balance workout is healthy. Balancing on an iROCKER while paddling, doing SUP yoga, SUP pushups or SUP squats amplifies the calorie burn from doing those same things on stable ground.
More extreme SUP sports like SUP surfing and SUP racing take burning calories to mathematical heights. So if burning calories the fastest way possible is your goal, then SUP is your sport to reach that goal.

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Go for the Big Burn

If you want to go all out to shed fat and build muscle, then go for the big calorie burn with on-board exercises.
We’ve written a few times about SUP yoga and stand up paddle board cross-training. Definitely check out those posts for details like how to plank, how to strike the perfect warrior pose and even how to work out while spending time with your pup on your iROCKER.
Hint: any workout is more difficult when you’re balancing on water. Go for it!

If you really want to push yourself, stand up paddle board racing is the biggest calorie burn. Depending on how hard you go, you can burn up to 700, 900 or even 1,000 calories in a vigorous paddle board race.
Gather your fellow paddlers for a river race or find a stand up paddle board Meetup in your area that hosts some SUP races. SUP Meetups are all over Facebook. You can also search Google for “stand up paddle board meetup near me” to find one.
You can also race against the clock if you prefer solo SUP time for body and mind. Your mobile phone has a stopwatch feature that’s perfect for challenging yourself. If you do plan to SUP with your cell phone, remember to protect it with our waterproof Cell Phone Holder or Waterproof Smart-Phone Case.
Tip: the really nice thing about the Cell Phone Holder is that it mounts to the nose of your board and adjusts to the angle of your choice so you can watch the clock without breaking your stride.

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How Many Calories Do You Want to Burn While Stand Up Paddling?

The real question when it comes to burning calories with stand up paddle boarding is how many calories do you want to burn? From a light and easy paddle that burns about 300-to-400 calories, to a vigorous stand up paddle board race on rapids that can burn over 1,000 calories, the choice is yours.
We’d love to know how many calories you’d like to burn while stand up paddle boarding (and your workout of choice to reach your goal). Please use the fields below to tell us your story or connect with us on the iROCKER Facebook page. We want to help you crush your calorie-burning goals with community support and tips to keep you on track.