10 Things You Can do on a Paddle Board

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A summer well spent starts with launching your paddle board. Whether you plan a SUP race with other pros or simply spend the afternoon on the water with your family, paddle boarding is the perfect way to get active this summer. You probably already know a thing or two about casual SUPing, surfing and racing. The iRocker paddle board pros are here with 10 awesome things you can do on a paddleboard.
Daredevils and relaxation enthusiasts alike will all find something for themselves on this list. It doesn’t matter if you live on the edge or play it safe along the shore, these are 10 of the best ways to venture outside of your SUP comfort zone.

1. Practice Your Swing from Your SUP

We bet you didn’t know you can hit golf balls while floating on the water. With the right SUP and some quality golf gear, you’ll be swinging for the shoreline in no time. First things first, you need proper equipment:

  • Small anchor for your floating green
  • Square of artificial turf
  • PVC pipes to create a floating green
  • Foam or plastic golf balls that float

Now this one takes a bit of skill. Fashion the turf to the PVC pipes to create your target. Choose a safe, secluded area away from crowds, buildings and boats. Use your 9-iron or wedge to practice your short distance swings from the comfort of your iRocker. For the best experience, opt for the Big Blue or the All-Around.

2. Star Gaze from Your Paddle Board Deck

Thanks to iRocker’s crazy soft and comfortable deck pads, relaxing activities like stargazing and meditation are better than ever. Hit the water after the sun goes down for a totally different SUP experience. Fill your cooler with some drinks and take in the starry sky with your significant other. Does it get any more romantic than that?
Exercise extreme caution when you use your paddle board at night. Don’t venture into the water without a flashlight, a flare gun for emergencies and appropriate clothing.

3. Whitewater SUPing is the Rush You Need

This one isn’t for the faint of heart! Pack your paddle board for a road trip to your nearest rapids. Whitewater paddle boarding requires an ultra-durable board. iRocker’s quad layers of military-grade materials make them the perfect match for this SUP challenge.
Stay safe with a PFD and helmet to protect yourself from sharp rocks and current. Thanks to your iRocker’s military-grade materials, your board is well equipped for any terrain it encounters.

4. Family Outings on the Water

Grab the kiddos and your Big Blue for some all-day fun on your oversized paddle board. Kick it up a notch and pack a picnic in your cooler and play some tunes on your Bluetooth speaker.
When your board measures over 13 feet long and 50 inches wide, your options for the day are endless. Bring some snorkeling equipment and a waterproof camera for an underwater family photo session.

5. Ocean Clean Up isn’t a Chore Anymore

Over 5.25 trillion pieces of trash litter the ocean’s surface these days. That’s trillion with a “t”. Numbers that staggering makes this crisis one for everyone to conquer. Grab some friends and head to your local watering hole for an afternoon of giving back.
A huge perk of using your paddle board for trash clean up is its ability to reach shallow spots. Hop on your SUP and collect debris from shorelines of every depth.

6. Compete in a Local Kayak Race

Did we just say you should enter your paddle board into a kayaking competition? Oh yeah, we did. When you invest in an iRocker, you invest in more than one piece of equipment. Your board easily converts into a fully functioning kayak in a matter of minutes.
Not many paddle board companies can say that! Snag a kayak bundle to hit the whitewater, ocean or your neighborhood retention pond. Hey, whatever floats your kayak.

7. Bar Hop on Your Paddle Board

The best way to prevent drinking and driving is to avoid driving altogether. Instead of hopping between bars on land, head to your local sand bar. Bustling local spots from Texas to Destin are calling your name this summer!
We can’t think of a better way to spend the Fourth of July than with some cold drinks, great friends and your SUP.

8. Catch Your Dinner from Your SUP Deck

iRocker fishing is a brand new craze that’s easier than you think. Some of the best fishing spots around the US are shallow and inaccessible by most boats. Instead of stretching your budget for a flats boat, opt for a high-quality paddle board instead.
Stability and functionality are the names of the game when it comes to paddle board fishing. BLACKFIN’s multi-use action mount acts as a rod holder, speaker holder and more. Tools like that are what really set your fishing experience apart.

9. SUP to Tunes

What’s cooler than an outdoor concert on a hot summer night? Arriving by paddle board, of course.
Check out this amazing source for outdoor concerts worldwide. Be sure to take lots of video and send it to us so we can give you a social shout out.

10. Paddle into a Summer Festival

River towns are becoming increasingly popular summer festival magnets. Why drive to your local river fest when you can paddle in instead?
Grab your friends and even your pet for a refreshing paddle downstream and reward yourself with all the festival food and bevs you want. You’ve earned them!

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Invest in the Gear that Makes the Most of These 10 Things You Can do on a Paddle Board

Even a 40+ hour work week allows enough time for relaxation. Whether you spend your weekdays in a cubicle or taking care of the kiddos, the weekends are made for stand up paddle boarding.
Head to your nearby SUP stop to give these unique adventures a try. Like what you tried? Snap a photo and tag us on Instagram! We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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