Preparing for Summer Stand Up Paddle Boarding


It’s no surprise the bright sunshine and warm water of summer make it the preferred season for paddle boarding. No need to worry about a wetsuit and mittens when it’s 80 degrees outside! Instead, simply slip into a bikini or board shorts and hit the water. There are still a few crucial steps you should take before launching your board this summer.

Great preparation will keep your body and board safe this coming summer. The iRocker team put together your go-to guide for getting ready for the busy SUP season.

Put Your Body to the Test

If you’re anything like us, you fill the lazy days of summer with as much SUPing as possible. Get your body ready to burn some serious calories with targeted stretches. Before you dive headfirst into SUP season, warm up your muscles in all the right ways.

Full Body Workout | Summer SUP

Plank: Paddle boarding is a full body workout that requires a strong core. Plank at least once a day for a week leading up to your first SUP session. Abdominal strength is key to maneuverability and balance. If you can’t hold a full plank, drop to your knees while keeping your shoulders and abs engaged. Hold a plank for 30 seconds then rest. Repeat this five times each day.
Reverse Lunges: We can’t put into words just how important leg strength is to your paddle boarding performance. There isn’t a single body of water on the planet unaffected by waves, wind and currents. Strong thighs and calves will be the difference between a dry day and a tumble into the water. (Of course, there are certainly worse things than taking a dip during a particularly hot day.)
Target the extensor leg muscles with reverse lunges. Keep your back straight and lower your body into a traditional lunge — make sure your knees stay directly over your ankles. Use the strength of your back leg to propel your body into a standing position. Keep moving backward. Repeat this 10-20 times on each side at least three times per day.

Gear Up for an Endless Summer

You never know where you’ll go over the next few months. Hop on a plane to visit your friend in the Virgin Islands or pack the car for a trip to the West Coast — however you spend your season, we promise you’ll want your iSUP traveling right along with you.

Rolling Travel Back Pack: This one’s a game changer. iRocker boards aren’t heavy by any means, but they can certainly feel like a thousand pounds with other luggage in tow. Every iRocker and BLACKFIN board comes with a standard travel bag. Lighten your load even more with this extra-large, portable bag that perfectly fits your paddle board and all its accessories.
This travel back pack might even be better than your high-quality suitcase. If you’re not in the mood to roll it, convert it into a back pack or a duffle bag. Oh yeah, and it comes with a two-year warranty.

Waterproof Smart Phone Case: Our great, great grandparents would laugh at us for this one. If you’re like the iRocker team and so many others, you worry about leaving your phone ashore while you’re out on the water. Problem solved. Place your phone and important items in the waterproof bag then string the lanyard around your neck. Not only will your items stay dry, but you can also use your touch screen straight through the waterproof pouch. Win, win.

Cooler Deck Bag:
Did you really do summer the right way if it isn’t full of cold drinks and good people? Grab your friends for a summer SUP session at your local swimming hole. No need to head ashore for cocktails and cold water, either. Simply strap your durable, water-resistant cooler to the front of your iSUP. It’s big enough to fit a few drinks and your lunch. Pro tip: throw a bottle of sunscreen in the cooler for a refreshing lather when you need it.

Protect Your Skin from Strong UV Rays

Nothing could be worse than ending your summer with wrinkles, sun spots or worse. The iRocker team is all about taking every precaution possible to protect our faces and bodies from the strong summer sun.

Don’t head out on the water without a hat, SPF clothing and strong sunscreen. If you launch your board between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, prepare to brace the sun at its daily peak. Lather every inch of your skin with SPF 50+ and reapply every hour.

Invest in the Perfect Year-Round Paddle Board

iRocker and BLACKFIN boards are built for riders of all sizes, hobbies and skill levels. We can’t think of a better way to make the most of your summer than opting for an inflatable paddle board.



You don’t have to worry about expensive travel fees or dings in your board when you hit the road with an iRocker. Not sure which board is best for you? Take a look at the iRocker and BLACKFIN board comparison chart for a breakdown of our different models.
We want to see how you spend your summer! Drop us a comment with fun SUP pictures on our Facebook page.

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