5 Reasons Why Paddle Boarding is Fit for All Ages

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We can’t think of a better activity for the whole family than stand up paddle boarding. Everyone from your little kids to the grandparents will enjoy an afternoon on an iSUP. Unlike other popular water sports like surfing and wakeboarding, paddle boarding is easy to learn and doesn’t require high levels of athleticism.
Parents are often nervous to let their kids out in the water on their own. Thanks to modern advances in iSUP technology, there are many boards on the market that can support more than one person. That means you can take the kiddos or the pups for a worry-free day on the water! On the other hand, older people are often intimidated by strenuous activity. The amount of exerted energy while SUPing is completely up to the rider.


1. Develop SUP Skills in an Hour or Less

Seriously, that’s all the time it takes for anyone to become comfortable on an iSUP. The only skills a beginner will need to develop are their balance and using the paddle. Modern stand up paddle boards try to make both of these requirements as easy as possible. From high-quality deck pads to sleek paddles, iRocker equips every rider with the tools they need to quickly pick up the sport.
If SUP pups can find their way around a board, so can all of your family members! Check out our board comparison chart to see which board will work best for all of your family members. It’s important to factor in different weights and skill levels.

2. Health Benefits Beyond Other Sports

Paddle boarding boasts real health benefits that go beyond simple cardio. People of every age will benefit from the low-impact exercise.
● Subtle core strengthening is great for rehabilitating seniors and children with developing muscles
● Reduce stress and anxiety by reconnecting with nature and soaking in the peaceful silence
● Every muscle in the body works while paddling, which strengthens rehabilitating muscles and challenges already strong areas of the body
● Lose weight by SUPing for extended periods of time or paddling at a more vigorous pace
● Improve balance and coordination which helps with posture, backaches and your overall disposition.

3. Paddle Boarding Provides Versatility to Fit All Interests

Your kids might want to ride some waves but you just want a leisurely afternoon on the water. We have good news! You can do both (and then some). From relaxing yoga to exhilarating kayak races, stand up paddle boards provide a level of versatility unmatched by other sports equipment. iRocker boards are created from military-grade materials that support many different types of exercise.
● Easily convert your iSUP into a kayak for leisure cruising, racing or fishing
● Look for a board with a soft deck pad so your iSUP doubles as a yoga mat while on the water
● Equip your board with rod holders and fishing gear to fish shallow spots unreachable by boat

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iROCKER Paddle Board | Fun SUP

4. iSUPs are Lightweight and Easy to Transport While Traveling

One of the main benefits of investing in an inflatable stand up paddle board instead of a traditional fiberglass SUP is the simplicity of traveling from point A to point B. Hard boards require expensive cases, airline fees and board racks on the top of your car.
iSUPs are an affordable travel companion that aren’t a burden while traveling. Simply deflate your iRocker, roll it into your travel backpack and head out the door. It doesn’t get easier than that!
Little kids and seniors will enjoy the streamlined benefits of an electric pump. Fully inflate your board within 15 minutes with little to no effort on the user’s part.

5. Paddle Boarding is Perfect for Any Body of Water Anywhere in the World

Novice paddle boarders are sometimes intimidated of SUP spots like the ocean or Intracoastal. You know what? That’s A-OK. Calm lakes and small ponds are great spots to hone your paddle boarding skills without the pressure of waves, riptides or onlookers.

Paddle boarding doesn’t require you to travel far to fully experience the sport. Whether you live in Ontario, Ohio or somewhere in between, there’s always a nearby spot to launch your board. Surfing requires waves, SCUBA requires active sea life but paddle boarding requires nothing but a few feet of water.

SUPing is the Sport that Doesn’t Discriminate by Age or Skill

There’s no age or skill level that won’t benefit from the relaxation and excitement of stand up paddle boarding. Kids, adults and the elderly will quickly find out how easy it is to pick up on one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Modern stand up paddle board designs and accessories make it easy for riders of any size, shape and skill level to find their balance and glide through the water. Boards like the BLACKFIN Model SX provides a smooth ride for everyone from novice to professional SUPers. Oh, and it’s on sale! Win, win.

The iRocker team focuses on introducing accessories that bring SUPing to the masses. Add-ons like the Shoulder Carry Strap and Roller Travel Back Pack make carrying the board easy for any body size.

Have questions? Reach out to our team of paddle boarding professionals here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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