Can Pregnant Women SUP Safely?

Our iROCKER team thinks so.

If you’ve ever been pregnant or know someone who has, you know a mom-to-be has to adjust her workouts with her pregnancy.

I mean honestly, sometimes you get to the point in a pregnancy where you feel like an oversized wrestler, and cannot wait to see your new little ray of sunshine outside of your body! You just keep thinking, let’s have this baby now! But you know your sweet little cherub is coming when they’re ready, so just accept the wait.

When you get to that point, wanting to do any kind of exercise can seem like an awful idea, am I right? But your doctor will most likely tell you to exercise helps, so get some sunshine and move that mommy-to-be body.

Obviously, you want to discuss it with your doctor first. Only you and your doctor can decide if any activity is appropriate for your pregnancy.

Often that big belly is no longer comfortable on the bike, dancing, or jumping around doing aerobics, or maybe your doctor tells you to take it a little easier. Regardless of your reasons, you may be looking for something gentle and peaceful while also physically healthy. If so, an iROCKER SUP might be for you.

5 advantages of iSUP during pregnancy.

Here are 5 reasons iSUP during pregnancy could work for you.

  1. It’s low-impact so it’s easy on the body.
  2. It’s done on the water. So if you fall, you and baby will be ok. Many women swim late into their pregnancies, so adding SUP to swimming can create variety as well.
  3. It’s a core workout. It’s harder to work your core while pregnant. I mean just try a sit-up at six months along! SUP gets you a core workout at every stage of pregnancy.
  4. It works everything else too. SUP virtually strengthens every muscle in the body, from your hands to your feet, and everything in between.
  5. Variety. Your iROCKER SUP can become a kayak, with the addition of a kayak bundle. So, if your balance is thrown off by your belly, sit down, take a load off (literally) and kayak for a bit.

With iROCKER you don’t have to give up your water sports or daily exercise because you have a “bun in the oven.”

Consider a board like the Blackfin Model X. This board provides really good stability. It’s a great replacement option for surfer moms who aren’t willing to give up the sun and sea but also can no longer lie on their bellies to paddle out.

Have you traded your surfboard for a SUP while pregnant? We would love to hear all about your maternity SUPing adventures. Fill in the form below and share a photo or two of you and your baby-to-be getting your SUP on!




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