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Everyone talks about the core-taming and calorie-burning fun of stand up paddle board. We even wrote recently about — get this — iSUP boxing.

We love that stuff!

But there’s a new trend we’re totally loving and think you need to know about. It’s using your iSUP to make a little side cash.

If you live in a city or town with calm waterways and water-friendly events like tailgates and festivals, you might be standing on a wad of cash you never knew about.

Your iRocker SUP Can Help Earn Extra Money

We first heard about the idea of the iSUP side hustle when we learned of a Caribbean caterer using an iROCKER to deliver a sunset picnic to a sailboat charter. Her fee for the delivery? $5. That price sure beats delivery by dinghy!

But after digging a little, we learned of all kinds of ways people are making a little extra spending money. They’re doing it by using their iROCKERs instead of cars or bikes to deliver all kinds of things like tacos, drinks and even event tickets to an eager audience.

Increasing parking problems worldwide have created new opportunities for SUP-ers looking to cash in. With a little planning and online buzz, you can jump in on this craze, too.

Using Your iRocker SUP? Take a Professional Approach

Delivering anything by iROCKER is going to be fun. But remember, this is a business, so you want to be as professional as possible. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Printing some business cards
  • Wearing a cap or shirt with your business name to identify yourself
  • Check to see if your area requires a business license, be sure to get one.
  • Leave some flyers at the restaurants where you deliver their food

Next, think about your target market?

  • Are you delivering junk food to football fans?
  • High-priced concert tickets to doctors and lawyers?
  • Know your audience and speak their language. Doing this will help you build a good reputation for yourself and possibly lead to better tips.


Also, plan ahead. You don’t want to to miss out on a delivery or waste precious time because you don’t know the fastest way paddle from point A to point B. If you’re keeping a stocked cooler at Point A, plan your deliveries in order as they appear on your course and take as much product with you in one trip as you can safely carry.

Tip: think about tying down an extra deck bag or two.

If it turns out you like this new iSUP delivery gig and you think you can grow your side biz, think about investing into a new iROCKER Big Blue. This will allow you to carry lots of extra product and even a cooler or a helper.

Even better, the Big Blue will allow you to provide iSUP tax services, too! But remember to pack safety vests for every rider. You have no way of knowing how water-savvy they are and don’t want to take unnecessary risks. Plus, your extra attention to your customers’ safety will help you stand out as a true professional.

Once the word gets out about your professional iSUP water services, you’re likely to get some local press so this might be a great time for a new haircut or some new cool gear. You never know when you’re about to get your well-earned 15 minutes of fame.

If you’re using your iROCKER to make extra cash, we’d love to hear how you’re doing it. Use the fields below to tell us your secrets so we can get the word out to your iSUP brethren across the globe.

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