What’s the Point of the Fancy BLACKFIN Add-ons?

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We all think of SUP as a recreational sport, but how many SUP-ers think of it as an extreme sport? Not all SUP lovers seek out the adrenaline rush extreme SUP fans look for in a paddle expedition, and that’s okay.

But wouldn’t you rather have a board that gives you the freedom to try your hand at all different SUP adventures, including the rough ones?

All the rigid features that were added to the new BLACKFIN model give SUP-ers the ability to test their potential out on rough waters. Some of these features include the carbon rail, quad-layer PVC construction and even more military grade materials.

The new materials on the BLACKFIN Model X increased the maximum weight capacity to 450 pounds, while the BLACKFIN Model XL holds up to 485 pounds.

One of the most impressive features of the BLACKFIN iSUP model is the carbon rail. Some beginner SUP-ers might not know why this feature was added, and they might never need to use it to its full potential. This doesn’t mean it won’t benefit them, though.

The main purpose of the carbon rail and the quad-layer PVC construction in the board is to keep it rigid and stable. The carbon rail makes the board durable and stiff, which is an ideal build for extreme SUP-ers who plan to take their iSUPs out on rough waters.

There are SUP-ers of all different skill levels who use their boards in different ways. Some people simply like to coast on calm waters and take in the nature and scenery surrounding them.

Some people use their boards to practice yoga poses and perform fitness workouts. Then there are people who use their boards in more intense ways.

We’re talking about whitewater SUP-ers.

Whitewater SUP-ers often take on more than just rough waters. They face obstacles such as rocks, waterfalls, whirlpools and rapid flows. They have to have total confidence in their board and they have to be able to control their board from all sides.

The carbon rail adds that extra level of stability and that extra level of confidence an extreme SUP-er needs when they’re facing a rough ride.

Another bonus feature of the BLACKFIN Model X is its width. The board measures 34 inches across, making it incredibly easy for extreme SUP-ers to maintain stability on even the roughest whitewater routes.

The added features benefit all SUP-ers, but they benefit extreme SUP-ers in a more direct way. Extreme SUP-ers are more likely to put the BLACKFIN’s dynamic add-ons to the test on a regular basis since they ride their iSUPs in more vigorous conditions.

The BLACKFIN is made to withstand ridiculous amounts of abuse in extreme conditions, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely immune to enduring serious damage. This is why all of our awesome boards come with a 2 year warranty. BLACKFIN owners can breathe a big sigh of relief.

Are you thinking about trying out whitewater SUP with your BLACKFIN, or have you already tried it? Tell us all about your adventures in the fields below.


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