Why Sailboat Captains are Swapping Rigid Paddle Boards for iROCKER SUP’s

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Mick Menigoz is the captain and owner of a sailboat called Island Time Catamaran. He offers high-end luxury sailing charters for up to six guests throughout the US and the British Virgin Islands. Guests enjoy island hopping on a beautiful boat, fully catered gourmet meals, open bar and an impressive collection of water toys, including giant rafts, water skis, kayaks and stand up paddle boards.

Like most other Virgin Islands boat captains, Mick took his boat to Grenada for last year’s hurricane season. Last year, hurricanes destroyed an estimated 70,000 VI boats, and the businesses that depend on them.

Insurance losses from those hurricanes have so far topped $202 billion and counting. As a result, commercial boat owners were strongly encouraged (required) to move their boats to the down island safe harbors of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Some sailors made the trip South solo but for the trip back, crew is preferred for a few reasons. For one, after a solo sail and weeks of going it alone, it’s nice to have some company.

For another, they’re racing against the clock to get back to the VI after the height of storm season ends and before the annual Charter Boat Brokers show on Tortola. At that show, the best boats will be booked for the upcoming season that begins around Thanksgiving and runs through April. Miss out on these bookings, and there goes the bottom line!

From SUP to Sail

I love sailing almost as much as I love stand up paddle boarding. Unfortunately, I don’t own my own sailboat. So when I heard that Mick was looking for a mate to accompany him on his sail up to Tortola, I booked a flight to Grenada and hopped on board.

Imagine my surprise to see Mick’s kayaks and old rigid SUPs gone. He explained that he’d chucked the old boards and bought two new iROCKERs for several reasons.

First, one of the boards had suffered a crack on the rocks at Abi Beach. Locals know about those rocks. Most tourists don’t.

Second, a charter guest using the other board underestimated the current returning to the boat and crashed into the hull, causing quite a scrape on the new paint.

Finally, by switching to iROCKERs, Mick could also offload the two kayaks, thanks to the handy kayak bundle.

Now, instead of cluttering the sides of his boat with boards and kayaks tied to the lifelines, Mick keeps his inflatable SUPs neatly stowed below deck. And because iROCKERs are made with Quad Layer PVC, Mick has all the protection he needs to give his guests a safe SUP experience without the risk of damage to his boat.

Do you know a boater using old rigid boards? If you do, tell them about iROCKER. They’ll thank you for it!

If you have your own story of switching from a rigid stand up paddle board to iROCKER, please use the fields below to tell us about it. We love success stories like that!

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