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Paddling up to the Panda Paddle

Paddle Boarding | iROCKER

Welcome 2019, a year for adventure, fun, and exhilaration. To be able to enjoy all that is available for the new year you may have to do a little exercise to get ready to enjoy it all. iRocker SUP gets it, that is why we have blogs that show you how to use your iRocker inflatable board to do Yoga, Exercises, Stretches and more. It is time to shape up, so you can ship out to the water for some serious fun.

For most everyone getting into stand up paddle boarding can be fun, or like we suggested above necessary for others needing to get more exercise.

It makes sense to all of here at iRocker to do both at the same time! Being able to have fun while getting a daily dose of great exercise is where most of our customers stand when it comes to why they love to SUP.

And of course, SUP (and iSUP, to be specific) is our favorite subject around here. One thing we’ve learned is that when it comes to iSUP, there are a few “musts” every SUP-er needs to know or do.

Fun Comes in All Sizes From Weekend  Getaways to Huge Events

One “must do” is iSUP racing. Another is traveling someplace new and awesome with your iROCKER in tow. Fortunately, iROCKER makes both possible and we’re here to tell you about an amazing event scheduled in California just for SUP lovers.

If you are ready for and event that should be the time of your life, shaping up will need to start now to be ready to October of this year, It’s the Panda Paddle, sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund and scheduled for October 21. The goal of the event is to raise money and support for the fund’s outdoorsy causes.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, “Panda Paddle is a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) competition where participants fundraise for WWF’s global conservation efforts.”

The Panda Paddle is a race that includes a 5k course and a 10k course, with categories for beginners and experts, as well as a host of other fun activities surrounding the event.

Before You Go

Every SUP race calls for a top-quality stand up paddle board designed for speed and stability. With this in mind, we designed the iROCKER Sport. Highly recommended if you’re thinking of getting into SUP racing or upgrading from the iROCKER Cruiser.

The Panda Paddle certainly is special enough to think about a new board! Whatever you do, don’t be that guy or girl with the worn out board bringing up the back of the pack.

At the finish line is a huge festival for riders, observers and World Wildlife Fund supporters. It includes live music, great food trucks, face painting for the kids, educational opportunities and all kinds of other festival-style fun. There’s even SUP yoga if you’re still feeling strong (or choose to sit out the race).

Another neat feature of the Panda Paddle is your chance as an individual or a team to make a really big difference for the cause. The Fund allows registrants to set up a personal web page in order to help raise sponsorship for WWF. Top fundraisers even get a website mention.

If you’re feeling like a trip to the West Coast (and who wouldn’t), mark your calendar for October 20th and start your fundraising while there’s still time.

Wherever you go, be sure to take lots of pics and tell us all about it when you get back home. Just use the fields below to get in touch with us.



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