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iROCKER Makes Studying Serene

Ever been cramming in the library and you just can’t keep your focus because of the hustling and rustling of people and their papers, their chatter, their cell phones and a million other distractions? Plus, the walk to the library is such a drag when the sunshine and cool water are calling.

Here’s a solution: skip the library and take up SUP studying.

Especially as more and more schools replace textbooks with ebooks, SUP studying is growing in popularity. If quiet is what you crave (and water, and sunshine, and paddling), then this might be for you.

Of course, you need to be prepared. You’ll definitely want your tablet or cell phone in a waterproof case. If you do have textbooks, carry them in a dry bag. Finally, don’t forget to pack some snacks and beverages in your iRocker attachable cooler deck bag. (You know how you work up a hunger and a thirst studying and paddling!)

Next, choose a calm spot. This isn’t going to be one of those high-energy, muscle-ripping, high-energy workouts. This is a SUP sesh best done on a calm and glassy lake. Also, get as far away from traffic and noise as possible. We’re going for zen to make SUP studying effective.


Study Groups are the Best

iSUP studying is good enough alone. You’ll be in the right frame of mind to take on even the most difficult academic subjects. However, with a study group, it’s even better. For one, you can help each other with gear and paddling out to the perfect study spot. For another, you can help your study partners stay focused and find answers you can’t find on your own.

If you’re lucky enough to own an iROCKER Big Blue, then you can share the same board. Win-win!

You also might think about converting your iROCKER to a kayak for extra convenience. You’re going to sit anyway so why not plan ahead? Check out the iROCKER kayak bundle here.

Tip: the kayak bundle is a GREAT gift. If you don’t already own it, you might put it on your holiday list. (Just sayin’.)

And remember, iSUP studying isn’t only for high school and college students. If you’re studying for your real estate license, boning up on other professional credentials or taking on a new hobby, group study is a great way to get accountability with people you trust.

If you’re doing the study thing alone, you’ll benefit with fresh air, sunshine and the meditative zen on solo SUP-ing. If you do go solo, please remember safety basics like reef-friendly sunscreen, snacks, water and your cell phone. Just in case you encounter an unpleasant hiccup, you’ll still be safe.

Now that you know all about iSUP studying, there’s simply no excuse to procrastinate. Get your books in a dry bag and start paddling!

While you’re out there, please get pics to prove just how studious you are and send them to us using the fields below. We promise to be impressed!

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